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CoinStats Introduces Degen Checkpoint at TOKEN2049: What to See

Mon, 09/11/2023 - 07:30
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Vladislav Sopov
Cryptocurrency portfolio tracker CoinStats invites all crypto enthusiasts to its Degen Checkpoint at upcoming TOKEN2049 event in Singapore
CoinStats Introduces Degen Checkpoint at TOKEN2049: What to See
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CoinStats, multiproduct analytical ecosystem for cryptocurrencies with a built-in token swap module, launches Degen Checkpoint at TOKEN2049 for fun and profit for DeFi investors of all types.

CoinStats welcomes DeFi enthusiasts at Degen Checkpoint

Starting from Sept. 13, 2023, all attendees of TOKEN2049, one of the most anticipated events for the global cryptocurrency community, will be invited to visit Degen Checkpoint, a unique immersive experience provided by CoinStats.

Degen Checkpoint visitors will be able to check whether they can be referred to as "Degens," i.e., passionate and skilled enthusiasts of the decentralized finance (DeFi) segment. Nothing but a cryptocurrency wallet and valid CoinStats account are required to check out the level of "DegenHood."

In order to participate in the experiment, attendees are invited to visit CoinStats' M26 booth and connect their wallets. CoinStats' analytics system will scan the history of the wallet's transactions and create a portrait of its owner.

Visitors will have their Activity Score on Chain Activity scanned. The Degen title will be awarded to participants whose scores are high enough, the announcement says. All "official" degens will get unique prizes and a free lifetime CoinStats premium subscription, valued at $399.

By redeeming CoinStats' rewards, visitors agree to tweet a photo with the cap and/or the screenshot of the exclusive Phygital NFT. The platform's official account @CoinStats should also be tagged.

Degens can join unique NFT airdrop

Phygital NFT is a unique prize as it is a digital representation of opportunities for the winners. First, it will be an immutable and tamper-proof certificate of "Degen" status issued in the base of the account's activity: transaction count, total trading volume, fees spent, last activity, airdrops history and so on.

Then, the NFT will guarantee lifetime access to CoinStats' premium subscription. Totally free of charge, the winner will be able to leverage all CoinStats instruments for token and NFTs trading.

Also, the Phygital NFT comes with a fancy custom role on CoinStats' main Discord server. A representative of CoinStats highlights the exclusiveness of this bonus for skilled crypto actors:

This is not just a token; it's an experience that taps into the heart of crypto culture.

Just like regular NFTs, the token by CoinStats will be fully transparent and transferable across digital collectibles marketplaces.

CoinStats' Wallet Explorer unlocks new opportunities for data-driven investors

Launched back in 2017, CoinStats is an ecosystem of analytical products for cryptocurrency and NFT investors. For instance, its new wallet explorer is capable of seamlessly tracking wallet addresses, ENS domains and NFTs without switching between blockchain explorers.

Within a single interface, this tool can track wallet indicators on 70+ blockchains, including the likes of asset allocation, portfolio performance against the market and PnL data.

With wallet explorer, users can track the behavior of selected wallets in various EVM and non-EVM blockchains. Also, with a built-in swap module, users can exchange cryptocurrency from their wallets with predictable slippage.

The interface of CoinStats is compatible with all mainstream centralized and decentralized wallets for the largest smart contracts platforms.

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