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Charles Hoskinson Calls Himself "King of the Rats" as Adam Back Says He's Better at Bitcoin Than "Faketoshi" and Vitalik Buterin

Mon, 24/08/2020 - 13:00
Charles Hoskinson Calls Himself "King of the Rats" as Adam Back Says He's Better at Bitcoin Than "Faketoshi" and Vitalik Buterin
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Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has added "King of the Rats" to his Twitter bio after Blockstream's Adam Back complimented him for understanding Bitcoin better than "Faketoshi" Craig Wright and Ethereim founder Vitalik Buterin.

The message sounded like Hoskinson is the "best" of the three, even though he works to create Bitcoin alternatives and does not worship BTC as the only proper cryptocurrency.

Blockstream CEO "favours" Charles Hoskinson

Following the Twitter "battle" between Adam Back and Twitter user "Shadders" over Bitcoin, another debate emergedthis time about blockchain security and crypto market incentives.

Various aspects of Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV were discussed. This time, however, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson was mentioned, along with BSV's Craig Wright, Vitalik Buterin and Tron CEO Justin Sun.

Blockstream CEO Adam Back evaluated these three people who build and promote platforms different from Bitcoin, stating that Hoskinson understands Bitcoin, crypto overall, computer science and game theorydespite promoting altcoinsbetter than the self-assumed Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright and Vitalik Buterin.

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In the end, Back "praised" those individuals in the following order:

So that's a @IOHK_Charles > @VitalikButerin > @justinsuntron, tho Justin is a better marketer, so there's that.

Blockstream's Samson Mow, however, disagreed, saying that Vitalik's marketing for Ethereum is better than campaigns Justin Sun puts up on Twitter for Tron and related projects like BitTorrent and JUST.

Previously, Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser also claimed that Vitalik Buterin does not understand how Bitcoin works.

The Canadian IT expert of Russian origin asked for clarification, but Keiser did not pursue that debate any further.

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"King of the Rats"

After hearing out what Adam Back had to say about him, Cardano Founder Hoskinson published an ironic post.

He tweeted that he had updated the bio section of his Twitter profile with a new title: "King of the Rats."

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