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Bitcoin Google Searches on the Rise — What Does it Mean for Cryptocurrency Market?

Google searches have always been key to Bitcoin’s price gains, and amid the bloodbath, there is actually an uptick in interest
Bitcoin Google Searches on the Rise — What Does it Mean for Cryptocurrency Market?

There is a very strong correlation between the price of Bitcoin and how often it is being searched. The graph of its change in price from about June to December of 2017 almost mirrors that of its Google search.

This makes a lot of sense as the cryptocurrency market is still very new and mostly unknown, but more than that, it is a speculator’s market. People often hear about Bitcoin and its price gains, research more, buy into it, which drives up the price and the interest again — known as a Satoshi cycle.

Now, however, with the price of Bitcoin dropping to lows, and ceasing its volatile nature — up until very recently, that is — there has been less interest and thus less google searches, which again correlates with the price of the cryptocurrency.

However, looking at the Google trends of certain Bitcoin related search phrases, there seems to be an uptick in interest again, but what can be read into this is very much up for debate.


eToro Senior market analyst, Mati Greenspan, tweeted about the uptick in interest for the term Bitcoin.

He is highly optimistic in the tweet that this is positive news, but his range of search is from March to present — which is a key factor. Looking at a graph for the same phrase over the past 12 months, it shows barely any change in interest.

 change in interest

This is because the uptick in interest which is being viewed from March is devoid of the peak interest which was seen over December.

More so, the term ‘Bitcoin’ is a bit ambiguous in simply determining what the searches are about. Like any good mainstream media source, there is huge reporting on the recent downfall of cryptocurrencies, and this could be fueling the Google searches.

“Buy Bitcoin”

Alistair Milne, CIO of the Digital Currency Fund, tries to decipher this trend a little more by looking at the phrase ‘buy bitcoin’, and he notes that there is no noticeable uptick on this phrase. But again, he has opted for a graph that looks at the last 12 months.

When one takes the same range as Greenspan and his ‘Bitcoin’ search, and applies it to ‘buy Bitcoin’ there is a small, but noticeable, uptick, in the search results.

True to form

Currently, Bitcoin has managed to bounce back up from a floor in the mid $3,500 mark, and as such, the Google results are showing this increase in price which — considering how nonvolatile BTC has been these past few months — is a big jump.

It is hard to say that Bitcoin is now back on track and hauling in millions of potential investors who are starting to search for it again, but there is indeed a uptick in search for the popular cryptocurrency again.

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What is NEO - Simple Explanation for Beginners

🎓 Coins Guide
Being as fascinating a model as NEO is, the promise of a prosperous future is eminent.
What is NEO - Simple Explanation for Beginners

With most businesses and people taking advantage of the internet to perform a significant portion of their business and even social transactions online, it is evident that the need for digital money and other forms of virtual assets is eminent now more than ever. Any keen mind should see that, pretty soon, the people who have taken the time and effort to accumulate such digital assets will be at a massive advantage.

Previously referred to as Antshares, NEO is one of the leading cryptocurrencies on the market today. In fact, due to its explosive growth and enormous rise to prominence, trends predict 2018 to be the year it becomes a market leader. Being China's initial decentralized, open-source blockchain, and having emerged a few years after Ethereum, NEO is often viewed as China’s reply to the former. By spanning the gap between traditional and digital assets, NEO hopes to generate a smarter economy characterized by improved profitability, simplified task execution, and sustainability.

As a cryptocurrency and blockchain network, NEO is designed to be a scalable platform of decentralized applications. Its primary asset is the solid NEO token. This token produces Gas tokens, which are divisible and therefore, can be used to pay for dealings made by applications on the platform. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, NEO can be coded using a variety of popular programming languages such as C++ and JavaScript among others.

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Some Basic Facts About NEO

Launched in 2014, the Network relied solely on its founder, Da Hongfei and his development enterprise, Onchain for funding and facilitation. After three years operating as Antshare, the blockchain was rebranded to NEO in 2017. In March 2018, Onchain, NEO’s parent company launched a voting rights distribution campaign. It offered one ontology token for every 5NEO a user held in his or her wallet. The token owners would have rights to vote on issues such as identity verification, system upgrade, and other platform control matters.


Creation and Distribution of NEO

In the Genesis block, a wholesome figure of 100 million NEO was produced originally. Initial investors purchased half that figure. The remaining 50 million NEO were secured in a smart contract. Annually, the development team unlocks 15 million tokens and uses them to facilitate long-term growth and development plans. These NEO tokens also produce a gradually deflationary quantity of GAS token used to pay for transactions on the Blockchain. To control the inflation ratio of GAS, the system uses a decaying half-life algorithm. The algorithm spans the production of 100 million GAS tokens over an approximated period of 22year.

With its Byzantine Fault Tolerance mechanism, NEO is capable of supporting up to 10,000 transactions every second. To attain a consensus and authenticate transactions on the system, accounting nodes are arbitrarily nominated. This selection is made in a style comparable to Hyperledger and Stella Fabric using coinciding networks of trust. Employment of subtlety different implementations to solve for the Byzantine General’s problem is also vital for efficiency during the selection protocols. However, since the mechanism depends on majority rule concepts to function, one cannot hard-fork into two distinct chains at the same time.

NEO’s Features and Their Applicability NEO’s core features and functionalities revolve around tools that are designed to allow developers to deploy and gauge smart contract protocols on the network proficiently. Some of them are further explained below.


NEP5 Communications Standard

This feature provides developers a regular workflow and pattern for building devolved applications. Simply put, all token using this tool can spontaneously transact with one another. This interconnection facilitates communication between applications like decentralized exchanges and more intricate cross token categories. Other related features include the X.509 digital identities, which allow developers to assign real-world characters to tokens. This enables the network to comply with regulatory necessities of the industry. Also, to enable NEO tokens to communicate with tokens on other blockchain networks, a developer must have the NeoX protocol. Equally essential is the NeoFS, a devolved file distribution service centered on the InterPlanetary File System. Finally, to protect the system from quantum computers, NEO uses a lattice-centered cryptographic appliance to create problems that quantum mainframes cannot resolve.


NEO Smart Contracts

A digital, trust-less and borderless innovative mode for two or more parties to interface, the smart contracts have been quite a development to the crypto business. These contracts have quite simplified the governance of treaties between transacting parties on a network. This feature collaborates perfectly with computer science’s conditional programming arrangement. With this development, digital signatures and keys have replaced the traditional pens, thanks to NEO. These smart contracts also support numerous popular programming languages using the neoVM compiler; Java, Microsoft.Net, Kotlin, Python, and Go being some of them. However, one has to isolate the smart contract codes in the neoVM for scalability and system security purposes. Besides, to avoid replicating a complete virtual setting and thus, optimize resource utilization, neoVM uses a lighter version of Docker.


Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance Algorithm (DBFT)

This feature is an improvement to the traditional proof of stake or Proof of Work Consensus Mechanisms. In addition to enabling the network to repel Byzantine General Problems, it also sustains consensus even when some terminals display malevolent intentions. This would have been too much to ask of the earlier protocols. DApps

NEO backs the development of devolved applications by constantly developing and supporting more evolved advancement methodology and tools. Examples of these DApps include Al- assisted smart legal treaties, decentralized exchanges, and intelligent funds.

The Supply of NEO and GAS Tokens

Unlike other cryptocurrencies that have only one token, NEO has two kinds. This is the NEO and GAS tokens. The NEO tokens operate as the investment that one makes in the blockchain. Its total supply is capped at 100 million tokens, which were mined during the original block creation. These coins are to be used for network management, change, block creation, and related consent requirements. Nothing like tokens from other blockchain networks, the NEO token is indivisible, and can only exist as a whole number. Due to this unique feature, difficulties were experienced when attempting to pay for transactions whose costs did not merit an entire NEO coin. This necessitated the creation of a more flexible token; thus GAS.

Similarly, GAS has a 100 million token supply hard cap; and it is the fuel for the NEO blockchain. This token was not pre-mined; it is gradually generated by a decay algorithm that will take approximately 22 years to hit the 100 million ceiling. The fact that this unit is divisible to several decimal places makes it ideal for paying for transactions such as executing smart contracts, running DApps, and providing developers and miners incentive for sustaining a smooth flow of affairs on the network.


GAS Generation Process

To acquire a digital wallet and start producing GAS, you need to purchase NEO and keep it in your purse. The concept is similar to that of buying and holding shares or stake so that you can earn dividends. A few fiat currencies such as the US dollar can be used to conduct the trade. In addition to that, you can also use other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ether, and bitcoin among others. Purchasing these digital assets, however, is an expensive approach to their acquisition. A more sustainable and profitable method would be to mine the NEO block.


How to Purchase NEO

You must make several preparations and considerations before you can buy NEO. One of them is to select a suitable exchange. An ideal exchange is one that lists NEO with one or several currency pairings. Once you have located such an exchange, provide your email, open an account with them and create a password for it. You may also be required to provide an address, your name, and identification proof before you can transact.

The next step will be depositing some funds into your account. Whether you use digital or fiat currency will depend on the platform that you are using. Some traders only allow the use of cryptocurrency. Therefore, you may have to deposit bitcoins, ether, litecoin or any other NEO paired cryptocurrency. If your selected platform allows the use fiat currency, then your US dollars may prove to be useful as well.

Navigate your account to the exchange section and look for the currency listing that you are comfortable with, and select your market order. At this point, you merely have to input the NEO quantity you would wish to purchase and select the purchase prompt.

Upon completion of this transaction, you will be in possession of NEO tokens. These assets will be on a digital wallet availed to you by the Crypto Exchange. These tokens cannot generate GAS from this wallet, however. You will need to transfer it to your portfolio.


Ideal NEO Wallets

Unfortunately, NEO users do not have many options when it comes to choosing a personal wallet. The initial adopters had several options depending on the tools they used. These alternatives include the ledger Nano S for Hardware Wallets, NEO GUI, NEO CLI and NEON Wallet for desktop wallets. For Web Wallets, they had NEO Tracker and NEO Wallets. Ansy was the only Paper Wallet available.

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Strengths and Opportunities

NEO’s sister firm, Onchain is a well-established and reputed company in the financial services business niche. Currently, NEO is also in association with the Japanese and Chinese government and several other major corporations such as Alibaba. NEO is currently operating as a public cloud. However, the Chinese government has a much bigger strategy of establishing it as a market leader in the Blockchain industry. Their target is to lure developers into using their platform and tools and improve the ecosystem. The City of Zion group is a clear manifestation of these intentions.


Concerns, Critiques, and Weaknesses

All NEO available currently is either pre-mine or a result of the Proof of Stake. The latter permits users to produce additional tokens since they are holding NEO in their wallets. Also, despite having distributed tokens via a crowdfunding occasion aimed at encouraging people to invest, NEO still managed to make profits from the sale. The fact that there was no mining and only issuance was used implies a centralized distribution tendency in the network.

Also, if you can recall earlier in the article, 50 million NEO was reserved for development among other purposes. However, having such a large sum of tokens at the disposal of developers could result in dumping and other tendencies that may impact the crypto economy negatively. In addition to the above, it is common knowledge that for any substantive long-term results on a cryptocurrency initiative, the network adoption effect is a must. Unfortunately, despite the hype, nothing of the sort has happened at the developer level of the network.


What Does the Future Hold for NEO?

Being as fascinating a model as NEO is, the promise of a prosperous future is eminent. However, no one honestly can tell the certainty of it. Many can only speculate that its value is bound to skyrocket this year. While the explosive growth in its value in 2017 was extraordinary, the fact that it still shrunk brings in questions about its consistency.

The fact that it has peaked so early in the year is promising brighter tidings. Nonetheless, whether this increment in value will continue steadily as it has been so far, or it will fall again, is the question on everyone’s mind.

On the bright side, NEO operates on a specially produced proof of stake mechanisms, which is debatably the best there is in the crypto industry. Also, the fact that NEO’s network is well protected from quantum computers should put it at a strategic competitive point in the market.

Apart from the above, being able to develop DApps and smart contracts in conventional programming languages such as Go, C#, and Java is also a massive advantage that NEO has over other networks. A developer doesn’t have to waste time learning a new programming language to join the system. Also, it reduces barriers to entry, thus enabling as many developers as possible to subscribe to the blockchain. The use of many programming languages also opens the way for more DApps, smart contracts and other innovative tools to be deployed on the platform and enhance its competitiveness.

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My HitBTC Review, A Complete Guide To Cryptocurrency Exchange

Trading platform, fees, pros and cons and other trivia coming up
My HitBTC Review, A Complete Guide To Cryptocurrency Exchange


Hello dear readers! This is Andrew Strogoff and we are going to talk about HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange in this article. This worldwide trading platform is famous among investors. It was launched in 2013 with more than $6 mln worth of investments.

This project is widely covered by the different media including Cointelegraph, Finance Yahoo, and the others. Developers may benefit from API.

The HitBTC team offers an opportunity to any other project to add its token to the exchange. This procedure is rather easy as you need to provide the exchange with links to the Reddit page and Bitcointalk discussion, add your email address and a brief description of the project.

All those who invite new users may receive their money according to the referral program. There are three languages available.

Before I start my HitBTC review I would like to write some words about the recent scandal. I think some of you have heard about this “war” between McAfee and the exchange. I cannot skip this issue doing my HitBTC review.

McAfee vs. HitBTC

John McAfee, famous antivirus software creator and ICO promoter have recently asked the crypto community to boycott HitBTC. To tell the truth, I can’t understand the reason for the accusation. McAfee says that exchanges have great power nowadays and such trading platforms as HitBTC increased the suffering of millions of people who cannot afford minimum amount.

What is the main issue here? I don’t know as I cannot understand what is the idea of McAfee’s “assault.” I think that this was due to high fees that the exchange retains from its clients. However, McAfee himself avoids making it clear. He also said that he was going to become the exchange’s enemy until its administration solve this “problem” (undescribed, however).

To tell the truth, HitBTC gave a quick response to McAfee’s accusations. They said that they are ready for McAfee’s proposals and they have even presented their rules of fee calculations. McAfee was unsatisfied with the answer and developed his idea telling that HitBTC killed many people and he knows no algorithm of calculations that may compensate them.

However, the only thing that I think is worthy of attention here is that McAfee mentioned that HitBTC pressurized Docademic project, which should be respected according to the famous ICO’s promoter. Well, here I Think is the point we need to pay attention to.

McAfee is famous for protecting different ICOs and advising during token sale procedures. Moreover, he was promoting Docademic in his Twitter channel recently. McAfee is a token holder and some experts think that all this “campaign” was paid by Docademic.

Creating an account with HitBTC

Creating an account with HitBTC

Before you start trading with this exchange, you need to create your account and leave a deposit. This procedure is mandatory for every trading platform. To tell the truth, HitBTC’s sign in procedure is very easy. You need to provide the company with your email address and the password that you create in the moment of registration.

The next step– email confirmation. Once you have provided your data, HitBTC sends a letter to your email that contains a confirmation link. You need to click on it. After that, your account is ready.

However, your account is limited as you cannot work with fiat money there. In order to get access to fiat currencies, you need to verify your account. This procedure includes providing your full name, country of residence, date of birth and ID documents scan copy to the exchange administration.

How to make a deposit with HitBTC and withdraw money

There are different ways to make a deposit here. You can use both cryptocurrencies and fiat money to work with HitBTC. The exchange receives SWIFT transfers, and SEPA as well. Depositing procedure is easy as it has just several steps to do.

As for withdrawal, you can also use both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. There are no difficulties there.

Platform or how to trade on HitBTC

Platform or how to trade on HitBTC

Once you have left a deposit to your trading account, you can start trading. Before I start describing the trading platform, I would like to mention that HitBTC offers many coins and tokens including Bitcoin forks etc.

HitBTC trading platform offers a wide range of tools to their clients. Let me start by mentioning the chart. This one is rather primitive I think. There is no indicator choice (you are offered EMA with different periods only). There are no graphic tools as well.

Below the price chart there are volumes. As you may see, nothing special there. You can also change timeframes and that is all. Nothing more to set up. However, there is one special hint that I would like to mention. If you are a professional trader and need much more tools, you can use additional chart that HitBTC offers to all their clients. To do this, you need to go to the upper side of the platform and click on Trading View link. This will allow you to open this famous platform in a separate window.

Besides the chart, you can look through the order book as well. There you can find all propositions that are available in the real time. As for the instruments, you can use over 500 trading pairs, which are divided into several groups. To make the search easier, you can choose a primary currency tab (BTC, ETH or USDT). You can also set up your favorites by simply clicking the “Favorites” button.

Another interesting tool is the market overview. It allows you to monitor all markets in a single place. You can see market volumes, and prices that are changing in real time. There are also important tabs such as market spread, depth, and activity.

How to buy on HitBTC

There are three types of orders that you can choose according to your needs. Let me introduce them:

  1. Market orders.

  2. Limit orders.

  3. Scaled orders.

Now I’m going to depict every type in details. Market orders are the easiest ones. You place them when you want to buy or sell a cryptocurrency pair at market price, which is defined as the best available market price in the moment of placing an order.

This order has a stop price variety. You can specify stop price, which will be the trigger for the market order. Once the level of the stop price is reached, your order becomes market.

Limit orders are designed to allow traders to enter the market at the price they want to. For example, BTC/USD price is $8,400 and you want to buy Bitcoin for USD, but you think that BTC is going to decline further before the uptrend. You can set up buy limit order at $8,000 for example and if the price reaches this level, you order will be executed.

There are some other sub-limit order types that you can use while trading with HitBTC. Here they are:

  1. Good-Till-Cancelled. This one lasts until the order is completed or canceled.

  2. Day. This type of order expires if not executed within the day. The expiry time is set at 00:00 UTC.

  3. Good-Till-Date/Time. This order expires at the exact date or time specified by the trader.

  4. Fill-Or-Kill. This order must be executed entirely. Otherwise, it is canceled. How does this work? Let’s suppose you want to buy one Bitcoin at a desired price. However, there is no offer to fill this order entirely. If this happens, your order will be canceled.

  5. Immediate-Or-Cancel. This type of order must be executed immediately. Otherwise, it will be canceled.

There is one more feature that I want to share with you and to describe in my HitBTC review. It is called “Scaled Orders.” How to use it and how do traders may benefit from it? Well, those scaled orders allow you to open multiple positions automatically without monitoring the chart.

Why do traders use this feature? Let’s suppose, you want some purchase orders to be opened while the price is declining. When you do it manually, you have to sit in front of your desktop or look through your mobile device constantly in order to succeed. Scaled orders allow you to set and forget.

To open such orders, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Use the amount section to specify the volume you want to buy.

  2. Use the price step feature to specify the distance between orders.

  3. Set price min and price max in order to establish the interval in which your orders will be filled.

  4. You can look through “the Order count” window in order to see the amount of orders to be opened.

There are also some other features. You are able, for example, to select Flat, Up or Down options. They are important as they help to set the conditions of the opening orders.

Trading and withdrawal HitBTC Fees

There are fees for trading that you need to pay when opening trading positions. There are two types of trading commissions on HitBTC. Fees are equal to 0.1 percent and rebates are 0.01 percent. Fees are paid by traders and investors and rebates are given to them by the exchange. The logic here is simple. You pay for emptying the book of order and you are paid for filling it with new orders.

When you open a market order or limit order which has suitable pairs from the book of orders, you are to pay a commission as you are “draining” liquidity from the exchange. Those who open limit orders that are placed to the book of orders are paid rebates as they “push” liquidity to the exchange.

AS for trading volumes, they are rather high. HitBTC is in the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges and is highly competitive as compared to the other platforms. Those results were achieved due to the big number of currency pairs and several useful features that the platform offers to the clients. Daily trading volumes are $100,000.

HitBTC security and support

Security is one of the most important aspects that every trader and investor pays attention to before depositing money. HitBTC developers offer several solutions to make the service reliable. All users activities are logged and you can see later the IPs to be sure that nobody has got access to your trading account.

The login procedure is also protected as HitBTC offers two-factor authentication by Google. This 2FA method is also used when you conduct transactions and change options. If you were inactive in your account for some time you will have to re-login there.

As for the support service, they are working hard, but there are cases when users have to wait for a long time before getting any answer from managers. Anyway, support service promises their clients that all their issues will be solved sooner or later.

HitBTC pros and cons

The advantages of this cryptocurrency exchange are as follows:

  1. The verification procedure is not required for those who want to work with cryptocurrencies only. This means you don’t need to provide the platform with your personal data if you want to trade coins or tokens. However, for those who aspire to trade fiat money, the verification procedure is necessary.

  2. High trading volumes and liquidity for the most popular cryptocurrency pairs. HitBTC is famous for its great daily trading volumes.

  3. The number of cryptocurrency pairs. The team invites all projects to list their tokens. The procedure is rather simple. However, as far as I know, they delist tokens in a very fast manner and without any explanation to the project teams.

  4. User interface and features. This platform offers many tools for all kind of traders (both beginners and professional market players).

  5. Long term project. HitBTC appeared in 2013 and there was no serious issues or complaints. The team is working in this industry for a long time already. They have all the necessary experience to run on such a platform.

As for the disadvantages, there are few of them:

  1. Lack of European languages. HitBTC offers English and Chinese. No other European languages are presented there.

  2. Low popularity among traders and investors. HitBTC has launched long ago, but the number of traders and investors are lower than it could be as compared to other “older” exchanges.

HitBTC overview

I have almost done with this HitBTC review. As you may see the exchange is rather interesting as there are plenty of coins there and many opportunities for both novice and professional traders.

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The Market Is Full Of Panic, BTC, XRP, ETH Have Made New Lower Lows: Price Analysis, Oct. 11, 2018

Bitcoin breaks all the important support levels, Ethereum hanging above the round number, Ripple can make the biggest drop
The Market Is Full Of Panic, BTC, XRP, ETH Have Made New Lower Lows: Price Analysis, Oct. 11, 2018

*** Please note the analysis below is not investment advice. The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of U.Today. Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision.

Bitcoin breaks all the important support levels

The image above shows that the market is full of panic, again! Bitcoin moved downwards $370 within two hours, and altcoins are obviously in the deep red confirming that move: -8 percent to -10 percent on an average. The volume was pretty high: the last time when there was that kind of volume was on Sept. 5; then BTC dropped down from $7,400 to $6,300.

The BTC price made a very strong downwards breakouts from patterns and price levels:

* Break below the curve support;

* Breakout from the “Triangle”;

* Break below the round number at $6,500 which has held us nicely through the time but currently is like a warm knife through the butter;

* Break below from strong support area at $6,460, the same story as at $6,500;

* Break below from the major counter trendline;

* The price structure has made a new lower low (LL on the chart).

So, all the important levels are cracked and the four-hour candle close confirms that move.

Currently, the price almost touched the next strong support area at $6,250 and this ‘almost’ is a bad sign because, at the moment, the bounce came from almost nowhere, and what we need now is a good and clear support level. So, despite a small bounce upwards, we think we will see another leg downwards to at least $6,000, and if it is not a bear trap, then probably even lower. What can save us from a catastrophe if it is a bear trap is the bulls — bullish market makers, not us, retail traders — being able to push the price back up today or tomorrow.

Our recommendation is to stay away from the market since it is definitely risky to invest somewhere now because the down pressure is very high and even if it is a bear trap, nobody can forecast it. Let things settle down, be cautious and remain a neutral observer.

Ethereum (ETH/USD) hanging above the round number

The market is full of panic and so is Ethereum. ETH had a more than 11 percent drop and currently, it has found a support from the crossing area which consists of ‘longer and smoother trendline’ and the round number $200.

Ethereum trades again below the short-term counter trendline. The price structure has changed, several previous higher lows are history, and we have a new lower low on the chart.

If Bitcoin starts to make another leg down, ETH is in a big trouble, and if the next support level at $193 doesn’t hold us then we go and retest the 2018 low level at $167. Before that, it does not have any significant supports to stop that price, so watch what BTC does.

RIPPLE (XRP/USD) can make a big drop

As you might know from our previous post, there was a red box which confirms bearishness if we got a candle close below that area, and so did we and after the market drop, we came down pretty heavily.

Currently, the price has stopped on the counter trendline which is pulled from the peak. It is not a confirmation since this trendline is too sharp but still. It has made a new lower low and is approaching the round number $0.4.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the $0.4 area is quite a significant level: the round number itself has to work as a support and from the peak Ripple has dropped around 50 percent. This 50 percent is usually a good bounce level but currently, we can’t say that we get a bounce from there: probably BTC has another leg down ahead and this move may drop XRP pretty heavily to the bottom. Recently, Ripple has made highest gains, and now it can make the highest drop, so watch it and Bitcoin closely: if the latter shows move upwards from supports then XRP has a good bounce area at $0.4.

If the $0.4 level breaks then the next support would be the major down-trendline since Feb. 17, 2018, at $0.35. It is not a very strong support, definitely it could go lower,  but currently, it’s very hard to tell where the Ripple lands. So, one more time, please be cautious and stay away from the market.

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Darryn Pollock

Is Pizza Day 2.0 a Sign of Things to Come?

Pizza Day 2.0 could be a sign of things to come as Bitcoin again pushes to be functional currency
Is Pizza Day 2.0 a Sign of Things to Come?

Back in 2010, when Bitcoin was merely being muttered around indistinct forums and making its way into being a tool of the dark web, those believers in the technology wanted a use case to pin their proof of concept on. This ended with a Pizza being bought, proving the potential of this digital currency.

Now, some eight years on and with Bitcoin in a very different space, the same experiment has been created for the same ends, but with different means. Bitcoin has become so big that it is no longer a functional currency anymore. However, this last experiment again is showing that Bitcoin can have a use.

The Bitcoin Pizza 2.0, also bought by Laszlo Hanyecz, but using the Lightning Network could send a ripple in time and cause history to repeat itself somewhat as Bitcoin shows it has the potential to be what it set out to be eight years ago.

The vision of Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s direction since its early days, as laid out in the white paper, has swung and swayed and eventually settled on being a digital store of value and an asset that people are looking to hold.

Indeed, this is perfectly within Bitcoin’s scope and range to be, but it is slightly away from its vision to be a disruptive and functional currency. This is Roger Ver’s big argument with Bitcoin Cash, stating that his coin offers the true vision of Bitcoin.

However, Bitcoin’s vision is not totally removed from the digital currency, and it is experiments like Pizza 2.0 that prove there is a chance for it to go back to being a cheap, quick and functional digital currency that can be used for micropayments.

A new era

It seems almost too perfect that the same man, doing the same thing that launched Bitcoin’s path to the mainstream, is doing it again, and for similar or same reasons. Hanyecz says that Lightning has the potential to make Bitcoin functional again, and this little experiment kind of proves it.

Of course, there are a lot of kinks to work out, and there still needs to be a lot of work done in order to get Lightning up and going and accepted. The battle for Bitcoin is to stay relevant in a market full of altcoins which all claim to be better and brighter than the original.

Bitcoin can enter a new era if things go according to plan, and just like crypto heads looked back on May 22, 2010, they may well look at Feb. 26, 2018, as a new starting point in Bitcoins growth to be a disruptive financial force.

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Past ICO Review: Aeternity For All Eternity?

👁 ICO Watch
Claiming to be better than Ethereum, Aeternity is rising up, but what does it do?
Past ICO Review: Aeternity For All Eternity?

The scalable Blockchain platform was launched out of Germany on June 1, 2017. The initial token price was $0.68 and now, at the time of writing, is trading at $4.70 per token, a 591 percent gain!

The ICO raised some $24 mln from approximately 8,000 investors over a two-week period. The mission behind Aternity is similar to many of the ERC20 tokens out there: to be similar to Ethereum, but better by introducing more complex technologies layered on top of the smart contracts system.

Premise of technology

Aeternity offers a network of state channels, which enables the exchange of value with anybody in the world in a trustless way.

Users can interact privately with each other and businesses can keep their records off-chain and not in public view. Additionally, users can have infinite almost instant transactions because the Blockchain is needed for adjudication or transfer of value. Furthermore, to facilitate the use of the smart contracts, Aeternity uses oracles to feed data into smart contracts which require it to transact.

Commodity prices, stock prices, weather conditions, the list is limitless on what parameters can be set by the smart contracts. The Aeternity Oracle Machine provides real-world data to the Blockchain. Each user can ask questions about the environment, surrounding the smart contract and the oracle provides the answer.

A consensus mechanism comes into play in case of disagreement. However, Aeternity takes an unusual step in having two consensus mechanisms on the Blockchain.

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Danger of dual consensus mechanisms?

Oracles are generally singular, centralized data streams that often brings in security risks. To determine whether a supplied fact is true a new consensus mechanism has to be placed on top of the existing consensus mechanism. However, this strategy does not add security and if attacked it can be made to produce “false” values.

The development team of Aeternity is well aware of these security risks and is working on converging the two consensus mechanisms into one. This approach will reduce costs and increase security. By planning to decentralize the oracle, Aeternity will actually tighten the security of the network and the smart contracts developed on it.

The following excerpt  is taken from the website and describes the advantages of Aeternity:

“We present a highly scalable Blockchain architecture with a consensus mechanism which is also used to check the oracle. This makes the oracle very efficient because it avoids layering one consensus mechanism on top of another.”

It reads further: “State channels are integrated to increase privacy and scalability. Tokens in channels can be transferred using purely functional smart contracts that can access Oracle answers. By not storing contract code or state on-chain, we are able to make smart contracts easier to analyze and faster to process, with no substantial loss in de facto functionality.”

The team

The CEO and Founder of Aeternity, Yanislav Malahov, who had been working on Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin and had envisioned using powerful algorithms for Ethereum. Now, he is using these algorithms for Aeternity.

There are 47 employees listed on the website, all of whom have a deep interest in Blockchain and a breadth of other related skills. Overall, there is a positive outlook on this company, which has risen up into the top 30 on coinmarketcap.

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