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Globees Airdrop

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    2024-05-10 - 2024-09-24
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Globees Airdrop
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Airdrop Description

With the launch of our combined Web2 and Web3 vacation rental platform, we’ve prepared a huge Airdrop to stimulate Globees’ growth : a total of 10,000,000 $BEE will be up for grabs !


The distribution of $BEE to the most active users will also play a key role in decentralizing our digital assets and increasing our metrics, essential for listing our token on the main centralized exchanges.

Those eligible will also be able to receive enough $BEE to buy an NFT Globees and take full advantage of the ecosystem we’re building !

Make sure to give the article your full attention to get yourself ready for the upcoming contests !

The Airdrop Campaign

Airdrop’s campaign comes at a pivotal time for Globees as :

- The vacation rental platform will be released in the second half of 2024

- The properties listed are in France, and the approach of the 2024 Olympic Games will be an incomparable growth factor

- Strong strategic partnerships to be announced soon

The Airdrop farming campaign will begin on May 10th and run through the summer of 2024.

The main objectives are :

- Make the platform known to as many people as possible

- Encourage the publication of ads on the platform

- Reward active community members

- Attract new members and users

Airdrop campaign informations recap

Are you ready for one of the biggest airdrop campaigns on MultiversX? We are!

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How to Participate

We’ve formed a strategic partnership with Pulsar Money to offer you an intuitive and innovative platform that will bring together all the tasks you need to complete to take part in the Airdrop campaign.

Progressively, new tasks will be unveiled to help you climb the leaderboard and increase your BEE allocation.

Some tasks will be on-chain, such as:

- Buy $BEE tokens

- Mint NFT

- Provide liquidity

Others will be off-chain, such as:

- Social interations (Like RT on X…)

- Subscribe to

- Book your next trip


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