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Ten Crucial Tech Developments to Watch in 2019

Wed, 10/17/2018 - 17:36
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Yuri Molchan
Analytical firm Gartner forecasts ten crucial technology trends to rise next year
Ten Crucial Tech Developments to Watch in 2019
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Gartner analysts believe that these ten technology trends possess a high potential to turn into breakthrough innovations. The Gartner report says that these trends are growing exponentially, even though their volatility is high enough.

The company reckons that these are the trends that should be watched in 2019 since they may affect society greatly in the near future.

Autonomous Things

These are AI-based ‘things’ and devices working together, including robots and drones. They are already being implemented in the industry of delivery and medicine.

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Augmented Analytics

These type of analytics is expected to be widely accepted, Gartner believes, in all corporate spheres. The company foresees the emergence of citizen data science as opposed to expert data science.

Immersive Experiences

Gartner expects this trend to change people’s perception of the world. Virtual reality will be dubbed a “multichannel experience” and will combine wearable gadgets and similar appliances contrary to individual gadgets.

Digital Twins

This stuff has been often written about recently — a virtual copy of a real-life system or entity: a system of sensors and endpoints that will be set up for a trillion of things. Gartner believes these ‘twins’ will be used for business purposes too.


The agency believes that currently the technology is not understood well enough and, therefore, not quite mature to use its full potential. The report suggests that current non-Blockchain technologies can be used with much more benefit at the moment.

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Smart Spaces

Gartner’s analysts believe that in the future citizens will be unable to avoid environment with technical devices built-in. Even human bodies themselves will reportedly turn into smart spaces and so will their apartments and offices.

AI-Driven Development

This is about AI-based tools that software developers will have reportedly used by 2020 to create as much as 40 percent of new apps.

Empowered Edge

Currently, edge computing is being utilized with the help of IoT. Gartner forecasts that cloud and edge computing will turn into a complementary model and clouds will be used on edge devices too.

Digital Ethics and Privacy

The issue of personal data protection will remain relevant in the future, according to Gartner experts. They are positive that large corporates, like Facebook, will be obliged to take care of this issue since it is going to impact their reputation as to whether a company that violates the privacy of their clients can be trusted.

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Quantum Computing

So far, there are not that many areas where this sphere can be applied. But they are crucial ones, such as finance, research, pharmaceuticals, etc. The agency’s outlook is that this direction will not get a wide adoption in the next few years.

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