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Shytoshi Kusama Reveals Possible Makers of Shiba Inu and Shibarium FUD

Thu, 03/09/2023 - 11:01
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Yuri Molchan
Leader of Shiba Inu developers is making guess as to who might stand behind FUD against SHIB and Shibarium
Shytoshi Kusama Reveals Possible Makers of Shiba Inu and Shibarium FUD
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The lead SHIB developer, widely known to the Shiba Inu community under the alias Shytoshi Kusama, has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts and guesses as to who might be behind the FUD that is being poured on the SHIB token and its Layer 2 blockchain that is about to kick off in beta.

"Look at who originates the FUD": Kusama

Kusama has urged the Shiba Inu army not to fall for the FUD (a popular acronym in the crypto community for "fear, uncertainty, doubt"), which is being spread regarding Shib Inu at the moment ahead of the upcoming release of the Shibarium beta.

He suggested that the community look at who is bringing up the FUD and even shared a theory as to who may be behind it: "Any competing products they might be responsible for creating, timing of Fud." Who knows, he might be hinting at the communities of other meme coins, which were also inspired by Elon Musk's love for memes.

These quite popular meme coins include Dogecoin, BabyDoge and FLOKI. DOGE is the original meme token, and it is widely supported by tech centibillionaire Elon Musk, who has even added it as a payment option for his companies Tesla and SpaceX.

However, Shytoshi warned his Twitter followers that this was just a guess and does not have to be true. He reminds the community that they must DYOR — another popular crypto community acronym, meaning "do your own research." Shytoshi wrote, "My guess is true because I said it is, doesn't mean it is true."

Here's How to Avoid Shibarium Scam: Shytoshi Kusama

SHIB stolen by Shibarium scammers from this prominent holder

As reported by U.Today earlier, prominent SHIB community member @theshibdream, the account that stands behind the creation of the Shiba Inu VIP Social Network, spread the word about losing their entire Shiba Inu stash to Shibarium scammers.

@theshibdream happened to fall for a fake account that pretended to be Shytoshi Kusama with an attached link to their website claiming it was Shibarium beta. Following the instructions, @theshibdream connected their wallet to the site and had it drained of all the SHIB tokens that were stored there.

Earlier, Shytoshi Kusama commented on a tweet, which also spread the word about this fake account. The lead SHIB developer pointed out that this impersonator is easy to define, as only the real handle of Shytoshi bears the blue Twitter verification check.

Besides, the impersonator has only 13,700 subscribers versus 901,000 of the real Shytoshi. There again, Kusama reminded the SHIB army to DYOR and be attentive to where they connect their crypto wallets.

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