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Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Scores Victory, Cøbra Appeal Denied

Tue, 09/19/2023 - 14:15
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Vladislav Sopov
Pseudonymous developer Cøbra sees his appeal denied by UK High Court but refuses to uncover his identity
Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Scores Victory, Cøbra Appeal Denied
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Australian entrepreneur and computer scientist Craig Steven Wright, a self-proclaimed Bitcoin (BTC) creator, surprisingly hit pseudonymous developer Cobra Bitcoin with an over $640,000 court order. The U.K. High Court decision is criticized by blockchain veterans from all over the globe. forbidden from publishing Bitcoin (BTC) whitepaper in the U.K., a main website of the Bitcoin Core, is forbidden indefinitely from offering Bitcoin (BTC) whitepaper and software to U.K. citizens. Also, the pseudonymous owner of, who goes by Cøbra or Cobra Bitcoin, must pay $640,000 of Craig Steven Wright's legal bills. The U.K. High Court judge denied the appeal of Cobra and confirmed that anonymous participation in the proceedings violates the rules of justice.

The decision was announced yesterday, on Sept. 18, 2023, in London. This is a major win CSW scored in his copyright infringement battle with the Bitcoin (BTC) community.

The self-proclaimed Satoshi and creator of Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency insists that he is the author of the Bitcoin (BTC) whitepaper and, therefore, its only copyright holder.

That is why he repeatedly sued Bitcoin Core and its website,, after publishing the Bitcoin (BTC) whitepaper. Cøbra explained his decision to keep pseudonymity amid regulatory scrutiny:

I didn't defend the case because I thought the impact of the injunction was minimal and the costs would be negligible. Then after the default judgement I get served with a bill of costs of over half a million pounds. The UK is just completely insane.

Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiasts on social media called this decision "insane" and "absurd" and highlight that it poses a threat to the cryptocurrency segment.

CSW still might face civil sanctions, here's why

As covered by U.Today previously, for the first time, was forced to stop publishing the Bitcoin (BTC) whitepaper back in 2021. However, its team appealed the orders initiated by CSW and his lawyers.

However, the self-proclaimed Satoshi failed to scores a win in another lawsuit. A U.S. Court in Florida recommended that a higher-ranked judge consider possible civil sanctions against CSW for incomplete financial disclosure.

As covered by U.Today previously, Bitcoin Core former lead maintainer Gavin Andresen announced that it was a mistake to trust Craig Wright that much.

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