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ReserveBlock RBX Network Introduces Novel Features, Offers On-Chain Escrow and In-Wallet Recovery

Wed, 06/21/2023 - 14:47
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Vladislav Sopov
New-gen L1 blockchain ReserveBlock RBX Network makes its wallet experience more user-friendly; with new upgrade, non-custodial transfer value becomes safer than ever before
ReserveBlock RBX Network Introduces Novel Features, Offers On-Chain Escrow and In-Wallet Recovery
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With a brand-new "safe deposit" function, transfers of various assets on ReserveBlock RBX Network are protected from errors, thefts and hacks. Callback and Recovery instruments will streamline the self-custody experience for newbies and pros.

ReserveBlock RBX Network activates wallet upgrade Spartan, advances digital assets protection

According to an official announcement shared by ReserveBlock RBX Network, its team has activated a major tech upgrade of its wallet. With the new upgrade, the wallet receives the RBX Reserve Accounts function.

The new functions enlarge the experience of crypto owners who use ReserveBlock RBX Network's native non-custodial wallet.

For the first time in the history of blockchains, RBX Reserve Accounts can recover any compromised (stolen, sent to the wrong address and so on) funds or NFTs within the first 24 hours of the transaction taking place.

RBX Reserve Accounts work separately from RBX instant settlement addresses: The funds associated with the two groups of addresses are also stored in separate locations.

The emergency recovery function is activated by entering a personally generated password and recovery code. The funds are then transferred to addresses known exclusively to the senders.

Faster and more feature-rich NFT trading tooling

Also, a new upgrade is poised to pave the way for fully-automated self-executing NFTs (SENs). These tokens can produce genuine on-chain peer-to-peer outcomes according to user-generated smart contract parameters.

The team of ReserveBlock RBX Network stresses that the upgrade unlocks opportunities for more impressive changes in tech design of the wallet and blockchain as a whole:

Users can anticipate further expansion of these native features within the Reserve Account Suite, with additions planned for the web-wallet as well as the RBX core-wallets. These features will also address current self-sovereignty and self-custody challenges for most users, providing native security and protection without reliance on third-party applications or devices

Also, the new upgrade makes the blockchain and its key wallet faster thanks to the enhanced Beacon System.

Another upgrade happened in the NFTs module of ReserveBlock RBX Network. Starting from June 2023, users can participate in peer-to-peer NFT sales with no need to trust the auction platform.

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