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Meet Troy Trade: A Crypto Prime Brokerage Service for Institutional Investors 

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 15:34
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Heewon Jang
Troy Trade gives professional investors a helping hand when it comes to putting money into nascent digital assets   
Meet Troy Trade: A Crypto Prime Brokerage Service for Institutional Investors 
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Today’s crypto consumers have no shortage of exchanges or services to check out. Practically since crypto’s inception, these platforms have popped up, striving to meet the growing demand for digital currency. 

However, many of these platforms target individual, amateur investors and traders who comprised the early part of the crypto movement. 

Of course, today, crypto is a world-class speculative asset embraced by financiers around the world. For those people, today’s platform offerings are problematic. 

That’s why Troy Trade, a crypto brokerage service, is so transformative. Offering prime brokerage accounts specifically tailored to the crypto ecosystem, Troy Trade provides an outlet for institutional investors to take advantage of the opportunities of today’s digital assets. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Troy Trade: An Overview 

Founded in 2018, Hong Kong-based Troy Trade is a professional-grade crypto brokerage service for institutional clients and professional traders. 

Its most notable feature, prime brokerage accounts, offers single and direct market access to top tier liquidity venues that account for a multifaceted trading experience that includes tokens, futures, and other crypto derivatives. 

Prime brokerage accounts are often used and well-regarded in traditional financial markets, and their introduction to crypto investors brings a high-demand feature to the nascent investment vehicle. 

What’s more, Troy Trade levels the technological playing field while providing the tools and services that professional traders require. Therefore, with Troy Trade users compete on a level playing when it comes to depths of liquidity, speed of execution, clearance and settlement times, margin trading accessibility, and account management. 

With real-time analysis and professional support built into the platform, it’s a one-stop-shop for professional and institutional investors that provides the functionality, technical insights, and customer support that pro traders experience and expect in more traditional financial markets. 

Key Features

Troy Trade combines technical sophistication and ease-of-use to provide a compelling trading platform for institutional and professional investors. This includes:

  • Master-level trading platform: Users operate on a single interface that offers full access to the aggregated liquidity of all crypto exchanges. As such, investors can utilize smart order routing, flexible account management, settlement services, and automatic risk controls. 

  • Data analytics: Users have access to a comprehensive data matrix that includes blockchain, trading, market, social, and media data that is optimized by AI and proven quantitative models.  

  • Diversified brokerage service: Users enjoy competitive fees rates and superior order execution. Coupled with real-time fund transfer and settlement services, professional investors get the service they need at the rate they deserve. 

  • Full-stack quantitative solutions: Users experience co-location services that improve the performance of high-frequency trading algorithms and other services. 

The service is powered by the Troy Token (TROY) that can be used to achieve discounted trading fees or margin trading interests. At the same time, TROY is used to facilitate various incentives on the platform that promote a better user experience. For example, token holders will be able to act as a broker, and these users are rewarded with extra TROY from the mining pool. 

In the future, the platform plans to use the Troy Token as gas for the Troy Network, a blockchain platform Troy is expected to launch as part of growing its ecosystem. 

In short, TROY is a utility token that helps facilitate investment services for today’s crypto products as demonstrated by Binances’ BNB or Huobi’s HT tokens.

Overall, there will be 10 billion TROY tokens, with 60% distributed as mining rewards, 20% directed to the upcoming token sale, and 20% are to be used for development, marketing, team and advisories.

The Road Ahead 

Troy Trade just celebrated its first birthday in August, but the platform is comprised of a core team that collectively brings decades of experience in the financial sector. 

The company’s tri-team leadership, which consists of Kira Sun, Qihan Lin, and Clark Tong, bring experience from institutions like Credit Suisse, CITIC Group, Huobi, OKEX, and MIT, the team has the technological and industry know-how to deliver on their underlying promises. 

In August 2019, Troy Network announced a $10 million funding round that coincided with the launch of their beta platform. This project connects more than 30 crypto exchanges and handles $100 million in daily trading volume. 

Looking ahead, Troy Trade will continue to develop its margin trading, futures, and derivative products to ensure that professional traders have the best experience and the most opportunity to capitalize on today’s burgeoning crypto ecosystem. 

Crypto investment products are surging in 2019. Renewed interest in Bitcoin and other digital assets has pushed their prices to two-year highs, and, in many cases, they are outpacing already robust prices for other speculative assets, including stocks, bonds, and commodities. 

With Troy Trade, professional investors and institutions can prime brokerage accounts, giving them access to a variety of products from a single platform, which opens the door to new and better opportunities by putting crypto investment more on par with more mature financial markets. 

Their platform may be new, but this feature feels right on time for today’s investment landscape. 

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