Justin Sun Fires Back at Former BitTorrent Exec

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    Tron CEO addresses a tantrum by former BitTorrent executive Simon Morris who claimed Sun doesn’t have a technical bone in his body

Justin Sun Fires Back at Former BitTorrent Exec

Justin Sun, the ubiquitous CEO of Tron, has just posted a statement on his subreddit, which addresses the comments made by former BitTorrent executive Simon Morris. Earlier, Morris stirred a controversy in the crypto space, claiming that the Tron network isn’t able to handle the tokenization of BitTorrent.

Shredding Tron

The BitTorrent token (BTT), which continues picking up steam, will integrate crypto into the biggest file-sharing client in the world, thus streamlining the pace of adoption. However, not everyone was excited about the rollout with Morris, who had been an executive at BitTorrent for more than a decade, taking jabs at Tron and its CEO in a recent Breaker interview.

Morris did admit that tokenization could be a boon for the BitTorrent network (it could accelerate the speed of transactions by a whopping 40 percent). However, according to his estimations, Tron’s ‘thin veneer of technology’ simply wouldn’t be able to process such a gargantuan transaction volume. He applauded Sun for his marketing efforts and his ‘Trumpian’ approach to dealing with criticism, but when it comes to technology — it’s all just smoke and mirrors.

Justin Sun claps back  

The interview got a substantial amount of coverage in other cryptocurrency outlets, which subsequently prompted a response from no other but Sun himself. Tron CEO believes that Morris, who parted ways with BitTorrent before the July’s acquisition, wasn’t able to keep in touch with the progress their engineering teams have managed to achieve. In order to handle all transactions, they will deploy a ‘hybrid’ approach, combining on-chain/off-chain exchange.

Sun emphasizes that the upcoming rollout of the BTT token will also give those who share files more control over their content apart from expanding the community. The ambitious project is positioned to be a game-changer in the P2P space.

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