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Here’s How Utopia P2P Builds an All-in-One Crypto Toolkit Powered by Native Exchange Crypton

Thu, 01/27/2022 - 10:10
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Vladislav Sopov
Cutting-edge crypto services are available now with no KYC as UtopiaP2P launches multi-currency Crypton Exchange
Here’s How Utopia P2P Builds an All-in-One Crypto Toolkit Powered by Native Exchange Crypton
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In 2022, amidst the euphoria around GameFi, NFTs and DeFis, privacy and anonymity remain the pivotal elements of blockchain technology and ethos. Utopia P2P demonstrates that a user-friendly interface and feature-rich toolkit can coexist with 100% security and anonymity for every transaction.

UtopiaP2P: Why privacy matters in Web3

Since its very first days in 2019, Utopia P2P ecosystem prioritized the essential features of real Web3 projects, i.e., anonymity, security, independence, holistic and cross-platform approach.

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That is why it approaches 2022 with a powerful and technically advanced attack-resistant stack of solutions:

  • Utopia crypto wallet is designed for noncustodial storage and transfer of native coins, UUSD and CRP;
  • Utopia email agent ensures 100% private and secure mail conversation for computer users with various levels of expertise in technology;
  • Utopia private messenger is a fully decentralized alternative to Telegram, WhatsApp and Weibo in terms of usability, yet it surpasses all of them when it comes to security and privacy;
  • Utopia’s native exchange, Crypton, facilitates trading of major digital assets with no KYC/AML checks;
  • A dual native token architecture with CRP utility asset and Utopia USD (UUSD) stablecoins is set to ensure the stability of the entire system in a decentralized and censorship-resistant manner.

Core issues with crypto privacy in 2022

At the end of the day: Why do legit crypto holders need privacy in 2022? Or have privacy-focused crypto systems already become a safe haven for scammers and fraudsters of all sorts?

First of all, privacy helps crypto users to resist accelerating pressure from government systems. In 2021, numerous countries – from China to Indonesia, from the U.S. to Estonia – issued new anti-crypto regulations. Although China-style bans have not been implemented yet, crypto users are under pressure worldwide.

The year of 2022 started with another attack on crypto from the Russian Central Bank. In its latest report, the Russian watchdog stated that crypto should be banned. 

The Central Bank is calling to outlaw CEXes and DEXes, mining, investing and retail payments in cryptocurrency since crypto “poses a threat” to the stability of the Russian financial system. That is why it is better not to demonstrate to watchdogs your crypto wealth.

Second, by disclosing too much data about your crypto activity, a holder can attract scammers and criminals. Unfortunately, the crypto segment is flooded with scams, so it is better not to associate yourself publicly with any crypto-related activity.

Last but not least, strict control always comes with centralization while storing crypto on centralized wallets opposes the very ethos of blockchain and Web3. Also, wallets of centralized crypto services are exposed to scams, hacks, thefts and attacks.

All in all, using KYC-agnostic decentralized solutions for untraceable crypto transactions might be a smart bet in 2022.

Here’s how Utopia P2P makes crypto experience more anonymous and secure

Utopia P2P, a privacy-first decentralized ecosystem of blockchain-based products, meets all of the strictest requirements in terms of privacy and security and will not expose users’ data to trackers, government bodies or hackers.


Utopia Messenger is desktop software for instant message exchange. It allows for sending messages as with WhatsApp or Telegram – with stickers, “voices,” emojis, and files – but with end-to-end encryption and fully anonymous registration.

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For instance, on Telegram, which is considered to be the safest mainstream messenger, you need to register with your phone number.

Thus, should you associate it with your SIM card and ID, your conversations would no longer be anonymous. In Utopia P2P messenger, all you need to chat is your blockchain address.

Email client

E-mail clients of previous generations (Gmail, Yandex, Outlook) typically are not tailored to privacy-focused systems. Also, some of them charge clients with extra fees for cloud storage space, an extended toolkit and so on.

Unlike them, Utopia P2P released a 100% free and secure e-mail instrument. Its feature-rich interface allows for managing office and private correspondence and always having all tasks and workloads at your fingertips.


As Utopia’s P2P ecosystem is crypto-focused, releasing a native cryptocurrency wallet seems like a natural step in its progress. Utopia’s wallet does not store the keys or assets of its customers. It also has no KYC/AML checks; everyone can register it and utilize it with no ID.

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Utopia P2P wallet supports operations with a variety of tokens, including both crypto behemoths (Bitcoin, U.S. Dollar Tether, Monero) and Utopia’s native cryptocurrencies.


To develop balanced and flexible tokenomics for its products, Utopia P2P proposed two tokens. The first one, Crypton (CRP), is the main crypto asset for Crypton Exchange, while the second one, Utopia U.S. Dollar (UUSD), is the protocol’s private U.S. Dollar-pegged stablecoin. Like DAI and UST, it is fully decentralized and governed by smart contracts.

A sophisticated algorithm ensures its reliable peg to the underlying currency and a balance of minted/destroyed tokens.

Crypton Exchange: Gateway for traders to UtopiaP2P ecosystem

Crypton Exchange is a backbone element of the UtopiaP2P family of products as it integrates its users into the global cryptocurrencies ecosystem.


Crypton Exchange is designed for the secure and user-friendly peer-to-peer exchange of cryptocurrency assets. Just like all other products of Utopia P2P, it is fully anonymous and does not perform KYC/AML checks.

This neutrality allows Crypton Exchange to be a reliable and untraceable platform for purchasing tokens, cryptocurrency conversion, daily trading, short-term investments in crypto and so on.

Crypton Exchange created a feature-rich toolkit for spot traders, and it has patented API instruments and a chat for all registered traders. Crypton Exchange is available in light and dark modes to ensure that all users are tracking their positions with maximum comfort.

Assets listed

As of Q1, 2022, Crypton Exchange supports five assets: its own asset, CRP, the largest stablecoin, USDT, a first-ever algorithmic stablecoin DAI, Utopia’s stablecoin Utopia USD, flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) and pioneering privacy-focused coin, Monero (XMR). In the future, the list of supported coins will expand.

Closing thoughts

Long story short, Utopia P2P, with its multi-platform ecosystem, changes the game in the privacy-focused cryptocurrencies segment as it makes them speak a human language.

With Utopia P2P and Crypton Exchange, working with the ultimate level of privacy has never been so easy.

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