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GRID X BitTorrent Cards Are About to Launch on Presale

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  • Yuri Molchan
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    A Tron-based GRID startup offers Tron users cards for utilizing TRX, on which they can also receive a bonus amount of BitTorrent (BTT) coins

GRID X BitTorrent Cards Are About to Launch on Presale
Cover image via u.today

GRID cards were designed specially for using by TRX holders and now the GRID startup, powered by Tron, is about to start a presale of these cards on Troncard.io on February 18.

How GRID X BitTorrent cards work

The cards are designed for storing TRX and paying with it. Also, once a user deposits TRX on it (15,000, 50,000 or 100,000 units), they will get a bonus in BitTorrent tokens on this very same card.

Besides, users will be able to receive BTT airdrops on it in the amount of 0.1 to 0.13 BTT per 1 TRX.

Another useful feature of these BTT cards is that owners will get 1.5 percent of interest annually per the amount of TRX being stored on them.

In case an owner loses its GRID X BTT card with all the coins, it will be easy to recover both. Just like with TronCards. Apparently, users do not even need to remember their private keys.


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Easy to give as a present

These cards are also made in the way that they are easy to be given as a present. So users can simply load these cards with TRX and then just give them away. The creators have made them easy to use even for those who has no clue of blockchain, crypto exchanges or wallets.

Recent BTT listings

On Friday, U.Today reported that the BitTorrent coin keeps expanding its market by getting listed on new exchanges.

Recent BTT listings

The two that added BTT pairs most recently are HitBTC, which has had a bone to pick with John McAfee, and ABCC.

Experts believe that after the HitBTC listing the BTT rate should increase substantially.

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