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Full-Time Jobs In The Metaverse

Mon, 05/30/2022 - 07:21
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Here's how Web 3.0 and the Metaverse will change the world
Full-Time Jobs In The Metaverse
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The rise of web3.0 has given rise to an industry revolution in which the world will eventually be completely changed, just as the internet did. We are already seeing billions of dollars of investment poured into web3.0 projects, and now the question is, where are we now with web3? Where are we going?

How Web 2.0 Changed the World

The rise of the internet has given way to the world’s biggest marketplace for commerce. At first, the internet was just a way for academics to communicate with one another through a common network, but now, it has grown to a normal way of life for everyone. 

People are always constantly connected with each other through hardware and online platforms. Through the phones, social media, games. Everything exists in parallel with the internet. Everyone is always interconnected with service providers, and each other, constantly. 

Now, decades later, the internet has given way for companies to profile their customers, and people to interact with one another. Especially given the pandemic, this has forced people to adapt, and connect even more through online virtual meetings, rather than in-person meetings. 

However, the question is now, what will the next revolution in tech look like? What would life with Web 3 look like?

How Web 3.0 and the Metaverse Will Change the World

The Web 3.0 and blockchain are set to be the next innovation wave that will change the world, like the Internet or Web 2.0 did in the last 20 years, after having already redefined industries like gaming, media, and entertainment. 

The emerging Metaverse, a digital medium where physical, augmented, and virtual reality merge, is taking the world by storm. One of the most significant influences of the metaverse will be in the  workplace. Bill Gates believes that metaverse can empower businesses and employees by combining in-person interaction with the ability to work from anywhere in the world. 

One crucial aspect of the  metaverse is that it allows people to extract real-world economic value from a purely digital world. This is the case of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, fitness, and virtual real estate. In some cases, the virtual property is selling for rates higher than physical world property. Blockchain games have allowed gamers to earn their livelihood at rates much higher than minimum wage jobs.

The Metaverse: Where it is now

According to the search engine Adzuna, since October 2021 metaverse job listings have grown by 379% , and, given the Metaverse’s rising popularity, jobs are only set to see an uptick.  Adzuna also reports the most openings for Metaverse-related gigs to include UI experts, UX designers, data scientists, animation designers, and developers. These are spread out through domains of Information Technology, Design, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, and Public Relations. However, these jobs are for the creation and functionality of the metaverse. 

However, the main challenge right now is that the world is at its infancy, when it comes to adopting the metaverse, and accessing Web3. The average person would not even know how to access the SANDBOX, or Decentraland yet, which are two of the biggest projects right now. There needs to be a simplified tool, or gateway, like the one LUDO is creating, where people could just go to and enter the experiences they want.  

How to Get Jobs in the Metaverse

The world is already seeing the rise of games and hardware like the oculus, where people can congregate virtually, and celebrities like Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg hosting concerts in the metaverse. However, there are other use-cases in which people could monetize the metaverse. 

One example are  real estate agents. Their jobs in the physical world remains to give tours and open houses to prospective buyers and tenants, but imagine if someone could have that same exact tour virtually, and even purchase that property virtually on the blockchain? Blockchain projects like Metaverse Property aim to build clients’ digital homes through property management and metaverse consulting and marketing. From bouncers outside virtual dance clubs to virtual concierges to virtual dance teachers, the possibilities are endless.

Again, not many are even familiar with these money-making opportunities, as there is a huge gap when it comes to the general knowledge. There are app stores like the apple store and the google play store for apps. There is steam online store, for steam games, there is LinkedIn, Upwork and Fiverr for job listings, there is AirBNB for hotels and vacation experiences, but there is nothing like that for the metaverse. People’s reach to the metaverse is incredibly limited with the absence of a gateway like the aforementioned ones. But this will change. For example, LUDO aims to become the new gateway for the metaverse. 

The future of work is likely to involve more and more people working remotely in virtual reality. Full-time jobs in the metaverse are already becoming a reality, and as the technology continues to develop, it is likely that even more jobs will move into VR. This shift could mean big changes in the way we live and work.

Although this may seem like a distant future, it is important to start preparing for the changes that will come with the rise of virtual reality. The good news is that many of the jobs that we have today will still exist in the metaverse, but there will also be new opportunities for those who are willing to learn and adapt.

While engineers, developers, marketers, advertising professionals, and other creatives are likely to have an advantage in seeking metaverse jobs in the beginning, many other real-world positions will translate to these jobs as opportunities expand. You can find these gigs through LUDO’s comprehensive search engine and aggregator.

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