EOS Launches Blockchain Grants Program for EOSIO Community

Wed, 12/18/2019 - 16:06
Vladislav Sopov
In the dApps world, having a solid ecosystem can result in a successful product. EOS is taking this approach by launching a funding initiative for the EOSIO community.
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EOS VC, the venture capital department for the EOS Foundation, has announced a new system-level Grants Program.

Community & Development

The Grants Program is focused on two types of EOS members. First and foremost, active community participants will be rewarded. The up-and-coming products that are built around the EOSIO protocol can then seek funding.

Projects of all sizes across various sectors and industries are welcomed. The EOS network governance plans to achieve a "lasting impact" on blockchain development by accelerating meaningful projects.

This initiative is a part of global funding challenge by EOS, where their efforts are joined by the banks (Galaxy Digital), asset management funds (EOS Global), and other types of investment institutions.

EOSIO Mass Adoption Boosted

Any startup that utilizes the EOSIO open-source code may apply for a grant or funding. The Grants Program champions diversity, so the project is analyzed with no regard to its scale:

Project size is not a barrier; we welcome world-conquerors and local heroes.

The product needs to apply via the official EOS VC website. Here, teams can also find information about previous winners.

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