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Dvision LANDs Get Sold Out on OpenSea and Dvision Marketplace

Tue, 02/08/2022 - 08:41
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Arman Shirinyan
Dvision hits another sell-off and enters the top projects on the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea
Dvision LANDs Get Sold Out on OpenSea and Dvision Marketplace
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Dvision LAND NFTs have sold out at the fastest pace on the project's own Dvision Marketplace and the biggest NFT marketplace in the industry – OpenSea.

After the primary sale that was powered via Polygon mainnet has put the Dvision Network in second place among the biggest collections on OpenSea. Currently, Dvision Network NFT collection is among the top five collections on a weekly basis with a total trading volume exceeding 335 ETH, or approximately $1,100,000.

Dvision’s LANDs are going to be connected with other mainnets with the help of native bridges that Dvision is developing in order to connect all the networks together and allow users to transfer non-fungible tokens across different chains.

Dvision World is a whole universe that consists of Meta-Cities that create Meta-Spaces that remain under the control of the project’s community. LANDowners remain in charge of personalization and supplementation of content for their Meta-Spaces.

Each LAND NFT has various utilities and benefits behind it, including hearing, conferences, exhibitions and other recreational services. LANDs could also be used for renting to different creators, which could potentially create additional sources of revenue for the LAND owner.

Previously, Dvision Network has decided to integrate the most precious NFTs into their announced P2E concept, which will bring rewards for their users and contributors within the Metaverse. LANDs in each Meta-City will be separated in a 40/40/20 manner.

Breaking down the 40/40/20 system

Each Meta-City is broken down into three large territories owned by various groups: Users, Management and Infected Area. The infected area represents 40% of the total available LAND in order to empower the play-to-earn concept in the Metaverse.

Users will be able to engage in battle mode with their avatars and pets to kill NPCs and gain additional EXP. By purifying each LAND, users will become eligible for DVI rewards, which will be equal to the contributed process of each user.

The other 40% will be contributed to the Land Sale. The remaining portion of the virtual estate can be used for creating creative and unique pieces of content. The Dvision Metaverse allows the creation of the bravest use cases, like an imitation of Squid Game or any other gaming activities.

The remaining 20% of the terrain left in each Meta-City will be allocated to the Dvision team, which will utilize funds for allocating the LAND to their partners for branded content and improve the experience of users by reserving some space for future use cases.

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