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Cointree Places U.Today on List of Top Crypto News Sources in Australia

Thu, 01/05/2023 - 10:02
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Heewon Jang
One of biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia puts U.Today in league with best crypto news outlets in world
Cointree Places U.Today on List of Top Crypto News Sources in Australia
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One of the biggest Australian cryptocurrency exchanges put U.Today at the top of their best cryptocurrency news sources, in a league with the biggest outlets in the entire industry.

Cointree is one of the most time-tested cryptocurrency exchanges in the region. Since 2013, the cryptocurrency exchange has gained over 100,000 members and offers access to more than 280 digital assets, including all of the top-tier cryptocurrencies.

Cointree serves as a trading platform for a wide range of customers, including retail investors, various funds and institutional investors. The exchange offers a variety of ways of investing in digital assets and is available on every device.

The exchange cares about the safety of users’ funds; that is why it has been officially regulated under the Australian government’s AUSTRAC Digital Currency Exchange Register. It has the most comprehensive compliance program of any digital assets exchange in the country.

Back in 2017, Cointree launched Australia's first cryptocurrency learning hub that helped newbie investors enter the digital assets field by covering everything from the basics of cryptography to sophisticated investment strategies and fundamentals.

Cointree’s development strategy has always evolved around building a secure community of like-minded individuals who are willing to establish market-leading practices that protect investors instead of increasing their exposure to risk.

By listing U.Today on its list of the best crypto news outlets, Cointree highlights the authenticity and quality of the materials shared by our website.

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Heewon Jang is a freelance journalist and the editor of CryptoGags section.
She is responsible for entertaining crypto content and bitcoin humour