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Axie Infinity Launches Fee Reform on Its Ronin Sidechain: Details

Sat, 03/26/2022 - 15:10
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Vladislav Sopov
Axie Infinity, flagship play-to-earn platform, reconsiders fee model of its sidechain, Ronin (RON)
Axie Infinity Launches Fee Reform on Its Ronin Sidechain: Details
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In order to keep its Ronin (RON) sidechain scalable and resource-efficient, top-notch on-chain gaming world Axie Infinity (AXS) introduces a reform to its fees policy.

Hold Axies and in-game land for free transactions

According to the official announcement shared by the team of Axie Infinity on its social media channels, starting from March 29, 2022, free transactions on its native sidechain, Ronin Network (RON), will be limited.

The team states that free transactions were crucial for the launch of Ronin Network and the implementation of its native token RON, but the free gas RPC has limited space.

In order to ensure sustainable growth of the Ronin Network (RON), new limits have been introduced. Ronin Network (RON) users should hold 1 MEO Axie for at least 30 days to get two free transactions per month. Holding Mystic Axies will allow their owners to authorize 80 transactions per month for free.

By holding Mystic Lands, this limit can expand to 160 transactions per month.

Native DEX and RON staking module: What is Ronin Network?

Each account will be granted free transactions based on the highest value NFTs it holds. To get the bonus, this or that account should hold NFTs or land for the entire month.

When out of transactions, a Ronin Network (RON) user should buy RON tokens on Katana DEX from a newly created account and refill its main account with these tokens.

As covered by U.Today previously, Ronin Network is a purpose-made blockchain for Axie Infinity ecosystem. Currently, it hosts three protocols: Axie Infinity itself, its marketplace for in-game assets and decentralized crypto exchange Katana.

Axie Infinity's RON Token Launch Is Scheduled. Why Is This Crucial?

RON tokens can be staked by network participants in order to obtain periodic rewards.

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