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Ardor-Based GPS Pay Launched in Beta by Triffic App

Fri, 30/04/2021 - 7:52
Ardor-Based GPS Pay Launched in Beta by Triffic App
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The Triffic Map is a one-of-a-kind AR simulator of a fictional game environment. Players can buy and sell plots of virtual land: now their payments experience is significantly eased.

Triffic is now powered by GPS Pay Beta with seamless Ardor integration and NFT operations

According to a press release shared with U.Today, the Triffic in-game world now supports payments in the GPS Pay application. Currently, the new method is available in a beta regime.

Triffic receives payment application
Image by Triffic

GPS Pay system and its token, GPS, are operating on the top of Ardor blockchain; GPS Blockchain is promoted as "a full child" of Ardor mainnet.

The whole Triffic ecosystem is divided into hexagons of 62,500 square meters each. Ownership of every hexagon is reflected by minting a specific non-fungible token.

Besides buying/selling in-game land in the form of non-fungible tokens, gamers receive rewards from all Beacons located on "their" territory. The more traffic area witnessed, the more income is generated by its beacons.

Henri Holm, ex-partner of Angry Birds producer, joins Coinerz

James Malach of Coinerz Group (the Triffic and GPS Pay creators), founder and CEO, stresses the importance of implementation of the concept of NFTs into the Triffic in-game map:

Triffic NFTs come with a built-in revenue stream that’s extremely easy to understand. Owners receive 10% of all augmented reality Reward Beacons, plus 100% of the Incentive Beacon listing fees that occur within their boundaries.

To accomplish the new ambitious milestone, Coinerz introduces a meaningful addition to its advisory team. Henri Holm, former CFO of Nokia Greater China and SVP of Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds developer, enters the office as Coinerz' head of advisors.

Mr. Holm is excited about the opportunity to exchange in-game money for "external" cryptos Ardor and Ignis which, in turn, will lead to the broadest retail adoption of these solutions:

The Triffic App incentivizes and rewards users for visiting local businesses while GPS Pay is like Venmo for the type of small transactions that make up the bulk of local purchases. Earn local, spend locally.


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