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XRPL L2 Evernode Tech Design Might Be Upgraded, Here's How

Thu, 07/06/2023 - 14:06
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Vladislav Sopov
Wo Jake, XRPL independent developer and contributor to its second-layer network Evernode, publishes EVS-01d standard proposal
XRPL L2 Evernode Tech Design Might Be Upgraded, Here's How
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Developer Wo Jake invites all XRP Ledger and Evernode enthusiasts to share their thoughts on the first-ever standard, a Node Party Line brokerage design. It might significantly advance the way Evernode nodes speak to each other while processing transactions.

XRPL-based platform Evernode has its first standard proposal published: What is 0001 XLS-01d?

The first standard proposal in Evernode's history, XLS-01d, is poised to advance HotPocket, a smart contract execution and consensus engine of Evernode. It will streamline and structure the way Evernode-based dApps interact with Node Party Line or NPL.

In its current version, Node Party Line is responsible for reading incoming sub-consensus messages and relaying sub-consensus messages to their peers in a raw format. Despite the fact that this design is simple and universal, it is associated with some issued for Evernode-based dApps.

Namely, the NPL messages are not uniquely tagged, nor time, and may overlap one another. To address all of these issues, Jake proposes a Node Party Line Brokerage mechanism. It includes four new functions for Evernode tooling. The developer has already published an implementation of EVS-01d on NodeJS.

Once the proposal goes live, it will contribute to the security, sustainability and functionality of Evernode-based dApps of various types.

"Foundational building block on the Evernode ecosystem"

The developer stressed the importance of this proposal and discussing it with the community to the progress of Evernode's technical mechanism and UX/UI:

This standard may likely act as a foundational building block on the Evernode ecosystem, so take a look!

As covered by U.Today previously, Evernode is a solution that targets adding smart contracts functionality to XRP Ledger, one of the oldest decentralized networks.

In Q2, 2023, it scored a number of landmark milestones. In June, it reported that its third-party cybersecurity audit is finished.

XRPL Smart Contract Hooks Passed Third-Party Security Audit

U.S.-based security provider FYEO found no severe bugs in Evernode's codebase design.

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