TRON (TRX) Boosts Its Popularity, But Its Price Drops

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    In the recent red market, TRX has made several achievements, losing part of its price value

TRON (TRX) Boosts Its Popularity, But Its Price Drops

TRON (TRX) currency is still one of the most popular and is near the 10-top coins’ list. If you look at various aspects of it, you will see the confirmation of the fact that this asset is among the market leaders. Nevertheless, its price has slid, over the past week, it has been trading lower than $0.02.


Recent TRON milestones

During the past three months, despite numerous milestones, which included listing on various exchanges, partnerships with different retailers, Pornhub and even the purchase of BitTorrent, TRX price has gradually dropped from the high of $0.05, showing no signs of getting back. Trading volumes are dropping too.

Popular doesn’t mean highly valued

More than half of the TRX trading volume is in pair with Tether on OKEx, which makes it independent of BTC rates. It does not help it to keep a high or even stable price.

Nevertheless, TRON remains the most frequently mentioned crypto on social media, making it the asset with the highest level of awareness. Not as high as Bitcoin itself, perhaps, but close enough.

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