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This Shibarium Project Unleashes Ambitious Vision for Shiba Inu Token

Wed, 07/12/2023 - 09:05
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Gamza Khanzadaev
Bone token takes center stage as Shibarium's DogePad reveals game-changing plans
This Shibarium Project Unleashes Ambitious Vision for Shiba Inu Token
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DogPad Finance, a launchpad infrastructure built on Ethereum and associated with the renowned Shiba Inu brand, has recently made a notable move by acquiring 15,301 BONE tokens, with a value of approximately $20,000, to fuel its investment ambitions for the forthcoming launch of Shibarium.

Acting as a proactive contributor within the Shiba Inu ecosystem, DogPad Finance has demonstrated its unwavering confidence in the BONE token by amassing a substantial wallet balance comprising 49,114 tokens, which collectively hold a value of slightly over $59,000.

Shibarium's BONE Token Attracts Massive 145% Spike in New Addresses

In a recent update on its Twitter account, the project's team expressed its commitment to further investing in BONE tokens, eagerly anticipating the release of Shibarium and the subsequent surge in token valuation. Such strategic focus on this particular token within the Shiba Inu ecosystem is rational, given BONE's vital function as the gas currency within the Shibarium network, as well as token validators' need for collateral.

The commitment

DogPad Finance offers a comprehensive suite of services beyond its launchpad, encompassing staking, farming pools and deployers, all of which require user or developer fee contributions. Currently operating on the Ethereum network, the platform has captivating plans for Shibarium's launch.

600 Million Shiba Inu Burned as Shibarium Continues to Score Major New Goals

Among other things, DogPad aims to convert the entire liquidity pool, consisting of approximately $200,000 worth of ETH, into BONE tokens. Moreover, the project team has outlined a meticulous framework for burning both BONE and the Shiba Inu token, SHIB, leveraging its own internal mechanisms.

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