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'Solana (SOL) Killer' Aptos (APT) Welcomes 'Indian TikTok' Chingari

Thu, 9/02/2023 - 12:43
'Solana (SOL) Killer' Aptos (APT) Welcomes 'Indian TikTok' Chingari
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Aptos (APT), an eccentric Layer-1 blockchain that made headlines with its mainnet launch in Q4, 2022, expands its ecosystem. Now, it onboards an application with interfaces in 15 languages and 5+ million daily users.

Chingari, world's fastest-growing social app, comes to Aptos (APT) blockchain

According to the official announcement shared by Aptos Foundation, which oversees the progress of blockchain Aptos (APT), it has scored a partnership with Indian social media heavyweight Chingari, a short-video platform and the fastest-growing social smartphone application in the world.

In terms of global marketing, this partnership is designed to strengthen the presence of Aptos (APT) and its solution in the thriving Indian digital segment. In total, Chingari managed to build a community of 2.2 million in various countries.

Mo Shaikh, Aptos co-founder and CEO, highlights that the Web3 social media platforms reveal an inspiring and challenging use case for blockchains of all generations:

While [Web2 social platforms] flail, the digital economy flourishes. Creators are looking for opportunities to show bold pursuits, grow audiences, and sell merchandise across platforms. They want to bring swag on to Fortnite and distribute it during a virtual party. They want to livestream on YouTube and Twitch. And, yes, they even want to dance on TikTok.

As covered by U.Today previously, Chingari organized its IDO in Q4, 2021, at the very peak of the previous bullish cycle. In 2022, it organized a first-ever video contest with NFT prizes and a launched liquidity program.

Upgraded version of Chingari kicks off in Q2, 2023

The major technical releases associated with this partnership will be announced in the coming months: since Q3, 2023, all users of Chingari app and wallet will become a part of the Aptos (APT) communtiy.

Such an opportunity will be integrated in the upgraded version of the current Chingari interface.

As covered by U.Today previously, despite notable criticism, Aptos (APT) managed to become the best-performing mid-cap altcoin of January 2023.


In recent weeks, it is struggling with selling pressure: some analysts even suggested that Aptos Foundation might have been selling its APT allocation via Binance (BNB).


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