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Shytoshi Kusama Sends This Cryptic Message to SHIB Army

Mon, 30/10/2023 - 13:27
Shytoshi Kusama Sends This Cryptic Message to SHIB Army
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The pseudonymous lead developer of the Shiba Inu team known on social media as Shytoshi Kusama posted a cryptic message on the Shibarium Tech channel on Telegram, and at the same time, he spread the word that he is doing well, despite the recent silence on this platform.

He also, it seems, shared something that may be a sneak peek of the upcoming Shibarium project.

Shytoshi takes to Oriental philosophy metaphors again

Shytoshi Kusama has made an appearance on the Shibarium Tech channel after his Sunday message to leave another one that made the SHIB community slightly wonder, since he again used the Oriental philosophy metaphors that he took to at the start of the year when spreading lavish hints at the progress of Shibarium and when it might be launched.

This time, answering a question about how he was "better than ever,” Shytoshi added that he is "preparing to lay the beauty of Shib before the feet of the masters."

Shytoshi Kusama TG
Source: Telegram, Shibarium Tech channel

The last time the SHIB lead developer used similar metaphors was in February 2023, when hinting that Shibarium might be rolled out on Valentine's Day: "Learning to play the flute before putting Shibarium in a heart-shaped box with a bow."

However, the launch of the Layer-2 solution for Shiba Inu did not take place until the middle of August, when SHIB became one of the major sponsors of the Blockchain Futuristic Conference in Toronto, Canada, on Aug. 15-16. It also included the ETHToronto event and a public speech by Shytoshi for the audience made via an AI application.

Shytoshi jokingly shared some news about the SHIB team's plans for the near future, stating: "Internet of things! Shhh don't give away the plan."

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Shytoshi shares important warning

Over the weekend, Kusama took to the Telegram channel to share a message with the community, where he spoke about the high importance of what the SHIB team is building.

He stated that "only leaders, global leaders, seem to have the capability to wrap their head around the power of what we are building TOGETHER. Those of you who understand are aligned with them." Many people will spread FUD and lies about Shibarium and its team, he added.

Finally, Kusama shared a story about a hidden temple in the jungle, which only a wise Shiba Inu was able to reach and found out "the secrets to peace and harmony" that resided there.

"Now, the journey out of the Treasured temple, backpack full of the wisdom of breeds long far gone and nearly forgotten, had begun. The ancestors must guide the way, off the beaten path, towards taking this wisdom back to the masses."

The morale of this story is simple, Kusama stated, and can be explained in just one word: "WOOF."


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