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'Rich Dad' Author Gives Bitcoin (BTC) New Mega Prediction

Tue, 07/11/2023 - 07:48
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Godfrey Benjamin
'Rich Dad Poor Dad' writer Robert Kiyosaki has called six-figure price target for Bitcoin
'Rich Dad' Author Gives Bitcoin (BTC) New Mega Prediction
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Bitcoin (BTC) is leading the crypto market to a whole new lease on life with bullish reversals being recorded across the board. Bitcoin has jumped by as much as 1.83% over the past 24 hours and is pegged at $30,629.25. The volatility of the premier cryptocurrency appears to be milder and, amidst it all, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" author Robert Kiyosaki has given the cryptocurrency a whole new price target.

Taking to his official Twitter account, Kiyosaki commented on the latest move by members of the BRICS alliance to adopt the gold standard. He said the BRICS nations will likely announce a gold-backed crypto next month in a move that may change the status quo in the U.S. dollar (USD) valuation. 

Considering the impending devaluation of the USD, Kiyosaki, in his characteristic manner, advises his followers to buy gold and silver to hedge against the inflation that is set to go through the roof in the coming months. 

The highlight of his latest admonition was the prediction that the Bitcoin price is poised to touch the $120,000 price level by next year.

Unwavering confidence in Bitcoin

As a famed investor with proven theories on market and investment strategies, Robert Kiyosaki remains one of the most vocal advocates of Bitcoin. This recent price call has shown that the veteran investor is still optimistic about Bitcoin, despite the recent occurrences that have made many mainstream investors lose faith in the premier digital currency.

'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Author Says 'Buy Bitcoin, Crash Landing Coming'

Kiyosaki has maintained his status in the world as a social commentator with a number of projections that helps guide investors. As reported earlier by U.Today, Robert has minimal faith in the banking sector, and he believes more banks will likely go under in the coming months/years.

Many are patiently waiting to see if his bullish predictions for BTC come to pass.

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Godfrey Benjamin is an experienced crypto journalist whose main goal is to educate everyone around him about the prospects of Web 3.0. His love for crypto was birthed when, as a former banker, he discovered the obvious advantages of decentralized money over traditional payments. With his vast experience covering various aspects of Web3, Godfrey's articles has been featured on, Cryptonews and Coingape, among others.