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Polygon Layer 2 Hub Will Assist Atari in Its NFT Bet

Fri, 02/26/2021 - 15:48
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Vladislav Sopov
Legendary game producers Atari inked a partnership wih Polygon (formerly Matic) to advance token scalabilty and break into NFT run
Polygon Layer 2 Hub Will Assist Atari in Its NFT Bet
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Iconic game producer Atari, developer of games for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo game consoles, has inked a partnership with Polygon (previously Matic Network). Atari will leverage scalability and infrastructure instruments by Polygon for its ATRI token and other blockchain-based initiatives.

Seeking for scalability: Atari will harness Layer 2 potential

With the new partnership, Atari will have its ATRI token launched on a scalable network that will be interoperable with Ethereum (ETH) through a Polygon bridge.

Mainly, Atari is attracted to Polygon solutions due to their negligible fees and fast transaction confirmations. The Atari team is certain that this integration will advance the user experience of its products, claims Frederic Chesnais, CEO of Atari:

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Polygon, whose layer 2 solution will allow us to provide our users with the best possible experience when interacting with the Atari Token and our blockchain related products.

Polygon Layer 2 solutions allow real-world products to harness the power of Ethereum (ETH) and other blockchains. Thus, the number of use cases significantly increases after switching to Layer 2.

While inaugural releases of the Matic Network included the Plasma-based proof of stake (PoS) chain on top of Ethereum (ETH), it now operates its own Polygon Software Development Kit.

NFT minter and marketplace

The most impressive aspect of this partnership is its NFT-focused essence. Non-fungible tokens become another red-hot corner of crypto. Thus, Atari decided to go all in with Polygon integration.

Based on Polygon instruments, Atari will launch a multi-purpose NFT minter that will allow all developers to issues their own NFT tokens, exchange, buy and sell them.

Then, NFT trading will start on the purpose-built digital marketplace, OpenSea.

Sandeep Nailwal, cofounder and COO of Polygon (formerly Matic), stressed that such an ecosystem is possible only on Layer 2 solutions:

We believe that the future of consumer-friendly blockchain products, including NFTs, lies on layer 2.

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