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PEPE Scam Alert: Telegram, Twitter Accounts Hacked

Sat, 09/09/2023 - 12:16
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Vladislav Sopov
Representatives of Pepe (PEPE), third-largest meme coin by market capitalization, say that two popular PEPE-associated accounts are hacked
PEPE Scam Alert: Telegram, Twitter Accounts Hacked
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Pepe (PEPE) contributors invite supporters of the most eccentric memetic cryptocurrency to report its compromised accounts as scam in order to shut them down as soon as possible. The alleged malefactors, however, informed their followers about "splits" in the team.

Beware of scam: PEPE Twitter, Telegram accounts compromised

Pepe (PEPE) contributors have lost access to its "old" Telegram channel due to a hack. As such, they are not responsible for the information posted on it any longer. Also, one of the oldest PEPE-associated Twitter accounts, LordKekLol, is controlled by scammers as well. This announcement was posted on the main PEPE account today, Sept. 9, 2023.

The Telegram group in question was among popular social media resources on Pepe (PEPE), the most overhyped meme cryptocurrency of 2023. By the time of the attack, it had gained almost 45,000 followers.

PEPE enthusiasts are asked to help the contributors in taking the compromised Telegram group down so that the legitimate team members can start a new communication channel.

Also, the account LordKekLol on X (formerly Twitter) is compromised and may be used for launching new coins and inviting investors to them. Right now, it has nothing to do with the original team of Pepe (PEPE):

Whoever has gained access to this account is using it to push scams and deceive people and launch other coins. This person is lying and has zero association to $PEPE and any current or past members involved 

The new owner of the account, however, denied the fact that the Telegram and X channels of PEPE were hacked. They assured that the team is undergoing "split ups" at the moment.

Largest whales might be mass-selling Pepe (PEPE), on-chain statistics says

The PEPE coin is changing hands at $0.00000078 on major exchanges; the asset is on the verge of leaving the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

As covered by U.Today previously, in early September 2023, large holders are selling Pepe (PEPE) at a loss. Over 2.3 trillion PEPE have been moved to exchanges and swapped for Ethereum (ETH).

The sentiment of the PEPE community turned bearish when contributors of the project dumped over 16 trillion PEPE on the OKX centralized exchange.

The action by "three team members with the access to a multisig wallet" caused the PEPE price to drop by 24% overnight.

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