NEM in New Zealand: Launches Crypto Hub, Plans to Train Blockchain Experts, Supports Local Communities

The NEM Blockchain Hub started off, supported by Epic Westport
NEM in New Zealand: Launches Crypto Hub, Plans to Train Blockchain Experts, Supports Local Communities

On July 26th, the reps of the NEM ecosystem from numerous countries turned up in Westport to see the opening ceremony of the Hub.

The organizers believe that the start of the event and the collaboration with the local big partners is a great milestone for the NEM ecosystem in New Zealand.

During the event, the speakers, who have certain weight in the world of IT and Blockchain technology, will engage with the audience regarding Blockchain basics and virtual assets, as well as provide talks on creating a Blockchain-based business. The hub is to take place throughout the year, there will be various interactive workshops, hackathons and other activities.

Enspiral Dev Academy

The NEM platform has also made it public its collaboration with Enspiral Dev Academy. It is considered to be a top web development school in New Zealand. With the help of NEM, the academy plans to train experts in the sphere of Blockchain and turn talents into gems.

Among other aspects, the cooperation will include financing from the NEM’s Community Fund with a budget of $100 mln. The purpose of this fund is to encourage utilizing the NEM protocol in different projects.

Other NEM partners

Apart from the aforementioned collaboration with the Enspiral Dev Academy, NEM platform has teamed up with Mana Labs. This is a social enterprise that works to improve the quality of life in communities in New Zealand.

Mana Labs have been studying a few areas for utilizing the Blockchain technology recently, it tries to improve the life of people in the spheres of education, health-care, employment, etc.


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