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Michael Saylor's Bitcoin Price Factor Survey Shows Astonishing Results: Details

Thu, 7/12/2023 - 11:08
Michael Saylor's Bitcoin Price Factor Survey Shows Astonishing Results: Details
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Vocal Bitcoin evangelist and founder of BTC-loving MicroStrategy business intelligence giant Michael Saylor has conducted a survey on the Twitter/X social media platform, seeking to collect average Bitcoin users’ opinions as to how high Bitcoin should rise before they begin selling their BTC.

Here are the surprising answers of more than half of the respondents. Overall, 112,131 people voted in the poll.

Here’s what Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin survey shows

Michael Saylor, founder of MicroStrategy, its former chief executive and currently the head of the company’s Bitcoin strategy, asked his 3.1 million followers on the X app what price level Bitcoin needs to surge to so that they can start selling a portion of their BTC portfolio.

The results of the poll are curious: the minority (14.2 and 18.9%) chose $250,000 and $500,000, respectively. However, the replies of the majority of the voters took two different vectors. A total of 36.4% chose “from $1 million to never,” and 30.6% voted for “$100,000.”

Still, the absolute majority here, so far, does not intend to sell any Bitcoin until it hits $1,000,000, or will not sell even if that happens.

Bitcoin community influencer Preston Pysh commented under the poll that it would be great if it were possible to “market weight those responses based on the number of coins each vote holds.” If that could happen, he adds, “it would show total dominance at 1M+ never selling.”

Crucial Bitcoin (BTC) Prediction Made by Samson Mow, Hold Tight

MicroStrategy acquires more Bitcoin

In the meantime, Saylor’s company MicroStrategy continues to increase its Bitcoin bet. Approximately a week ago, Saylor announced a purchase of another crypto large chunk – 16,130 BTC worth $593.3 million at the time of the purchase.

The average purchase price here constituted $36,785. This gave a significant increase to the total BTC stash held by MicroStrategy, and its overall holdings now stand at $174,530.

Bitcoin to hit $1 million, Samson Mow predicts

Yesterday, Jan3 boss Samson Mow again voiced his expectations to see Bitcoin reach $1,000,000 eventually.

The reasons he suggested for that is that a great deal of institutional money will continue flowing into Bitcoin extensively, plus the upcoming Bitcoin halvening event that is due in April next year.


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