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Maverick Protocol Secures $8 Million in Funding, Pantera, Gemini and Circle Onboard

Tue, 02/15/2022 - 14:09
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Vladislav Sopov
With fresh funding from a clutch of top-tier venture capitalists, Maverick Protocol is going to change the narrative in decentralized derivatives
Maverick Protocol Secures $8 Million in Funding, Pantera, Gemini and Circle Onboard
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Maverick Protocol, an industry-leading ecosystem of instruments for decentralized derivatives trading, staking and yield farming, concludes strategic fundraising.

Maverick Protocol completes strategic funding round with $8 million raised

As per the official announcement shared by the Maverick Protocol DeFi team, its massive strategic funding round has concluded successfully.

Maverick protocol concludes funding round with $8 mln raised
Image by Maverick Protocol

A total of $8,000,000 has been raised from a number of high-profile VCs. Pantera Capital, one of the world's first investing heavyweights focused on Web3 startups, led the round.

The funding also yielded contributions from Altonomy, Circle Ventures, CMT Digital, Coral Ventures, Gemini Frontier Fund, GoldenTree Asset Management, Jump Crypto, LedgerPrime, Spartan Group, Taureon and Tron Foundation.

Pantera Capital co-CIO Joey Krug is sure that the mission of Maverick Protocol is of paramount importance for various participants of the global DeFi ecosystem:

DeFi needs someone to answer the demand for derivatives built on the mid-cap and long-tail assets that are underserved by existing exchanges. Pantera believes Maverick is the protocol to accomplish this. Its innovative market structure is poised to capture a significant chunk of the market by offering low slippage to traders and low-maintenance, capital-efficient staking to LPs.

Newly raised funds will supercharge the nest phase of Maverick Protocol's development: its team is going to unveil its mainnet architecture by mid-2022.

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Maverick's co-founder and CEO Alvin Xu stressed that the solutions stack of his product is one-of-a-kind and has the potential to address numerous bottlenecks of permissionless crypto trading and staking:

Perpetual markets still lack the ability to quickly list new assets due to the intensive work required to spin up a sustainable market. With Maverick, we are here to change that paradigm by leveraging ALP (Automated Liquidity Placement). Markets can now be created by the community with way less capital, but still offer a great experience to traders.

For better liquidity logistics, Maverick Protocol introduced its patented ALP (Automated Liquidity Placement). It makes all DeFi operations resource-efficient and reduces fees.

Last but not least, this instrument ensures 100% price accuracy for every operation. ALP broadcasts crypto prices to AMM seamlessly with zero latency.

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