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Market Fall Abates as Some Growth Noted Along With Sideways Movement

The latest decline has halted for the moment as most of the cryptocurrency market shows green numbers and mostly flat movements
Market Fall Abates as Some Growth Noted Along With Sideways Movement

It is good news for the markets after two days of losses with most of the market showing small gains, or at least flat movement while coins take stock of the sudden drop seen on Sept. 5th.

The entire cryptocurrency market took a sudden dive a few days back which led to a continued fall, but that fall seems to have slowed for the moment as the cryptocurrency market looks to fight back. The fall saw about $1,000 be wiped of Bitcoin as the rest of the market followed.

Most of the top 10 coins are showing growth of between one and four percent, although the general trend is a flat movement with the bottom of the drop being found.

Bitcoin settles

The Bitcoin price was, before the sudden collapse, heading towards $7,500, however, it dropped as low as $6,200 before rebounding slightly and now has climbed to just over $6,500.

The fall of Bitcoin was blamed on Goldman Sachs decision to delay its cryptocurrency trading desk, although this catalyst seems flimsy at best and has been denied by those at Goldman.

While Bitcoin is showing small growth or better described as a settling sideways movement, there are some coins in the top 10 that are showing upward growth of around four percent- such as EOS, Stellar and RIpple.

Nano, rated 30th by CoinMarketCap is showing gains of 10 percent, with Ontology, at 25 on the market cap, up 11.

Dump time for Bitcoin forks

Before the sudden fall in the markets, there was news of both Bitcoin Dark, and Bitcoin Diamond showing massive gains with the former tripling in value. However, those coins are now suffering from not only a correction but also the negative sentiment in the market as they remain in the red. Bitcoin Diamond is down 16 percent and Dark by 10 percent as a lot of their quickly-gotten gains fall away.

What next?

Time will only tell if this is a brief pause in a bigger fall for the cryptocurrency markets, however, with no real catalyst or reason for the fall in terms of negative news, it does not seem likely that it should continue in this manner.

The markets are in search of some sort of positive news, and that is what a lot of commentators are waiting for, to help the cryptocurrency space get back to its high-earning ways.

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Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin Reach Growth Targets, While Bitcoin Hesitates

Bitcoin consolidates around $8,000, giving investors some time to enjoy altcoin growth
Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin Reach Growth Targets, While Bitcoin Hesitates

The market is growing, Bitcoin is not. This short phrase is enough for an exhaustive description of the current situation. If you just look at the price of the main asset, growth is not apparent: most investors expected a reprise of the winter scenario when Bitcoin set the direction of the movement initially and altcoins entered the game a month later. Now we see the opposite situation and, most likely, the profits earned on the growth of other assets will eventually become fuel for the heavyweight Bitcoin.

Internal resources for growth can’t last forever

Meanwhile, the primary cryptocurrency is losing ground: while the market capitalization grew by another $20 bln in 24 hours (up to $360 bln),

BTC dominance fell to 38.5 percent. One and a half percent is a record daily decline in this indicator since the beginning of the year. This leads us to believe that growth is supported in large part by money which is already in the market, rather than an inflow of "fresh blood."

When the last signs of FUD (which are already fading out) finally give way to a positive informational background, we will see another rally, funded by the resources of new investors.


Bitcoin has not yet earned back the love of investors, the best confirmation of which in the cryptocurrency market are, of course, volumes- they remain at an average level. Therefore, the buyers only managed to fulfill the minimum goal set for yesterday, keeping the price above $8,200. At $8,380 there is a mirror resistance level, which exerts more pressure on the asset than we expected. After overcoming this level and breaking the “double top” pattern, the bulls can test their strength in reaching the next target range of $8,600-$8,700.

BTC / USD, Bitfinex, 4 Hour Chart

Keeping in mind the presence of a manipulator in the market, the price movements described above could be called “small potatoes,” although out of respect to the oldest asset, the official term is “organic growth.” At any moment, we could see a long green candle (like the one that turned the market around on April 12), or a red one with a length of $500-$700.

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During the weekend, the prospective target for buyers is the interval of $9,200-$9,300, coinciding with a strong mirror resistance level. However, it is quite likely that some investors will decide to book profits at the psychological mark of $9,000. In case of negative developments, Bitcoin can fall back to the nearest resistance at $7,800-8,000. We also continue to keep in mind the level of $7,500, but the likelihood of reaching it has diminished since yesterday even more.


As we expected, the prolonged lateral trading in the range $490-$530 ended with Ethereum’s growth to the first of its short-term goals - $580. The error was less than one percent, as the previous day's high was in fact $588, followed by the expected fallback.

ETH / USD, Bitfinex, 4 Hour Chart

With the bullish sentiment still prevalent on the market, the depth of the fallback should not be too great- according to our estimates, buyers will find support at the 0.382 value of the Fibonacci grid, at $555, and the minimum price in the near future should not fall below $530.

Even in that case, the аscending channel will not be broken. The next target for the bulls has not changed- it's $615, and under favorable circumstances, it can be reached within the next few days.

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We invite our readers (especially those, who follow our recommendations) to celebrate- another goal has been executed with perfect accuracy. By the end of the week, Ripple has reached $0.75 and $0.86 and now deserves a break for the weekend. For continued growth, the asset will probably need to stay at lower levels for a bit.

XRP / USD, Bitfinex, 4 Hour Chart

It is possible that after breaking the ascending channel, the price will form a bullish pennant when it is retested. This will allow for the continuation of upward movement, with the goal clearly visible now at $0.95. However, the asset is already looking overbought, so the correction to the range of $0.79-$0.77 is more likely.

Growing volumes confirm that Ripple is not forgotten, and investors can expect to see good profits in the medium term.


We conclude our review with the chart of Litecoin, which did not fail us and has gracefully moved through the ascending channel to the $150 mark. In accordance with market law, the asset must now cool down a bit, and it will be doing so around $142.

LTC / USD, Bitfinex, 4 Hour Chart

Given certain fundamental problems, in the context of a Bitcoin correction, its younger brother is risking a test of lower levels and the boundary of the ascending channel. In price terms, this is $137. And if the market continues to grow, then the next stop, theoretically, can be at $160.

Let's not forget that Litecoin is a dependent asset and does not possess the self-sufficiency of Ripple, for example. So, if our readers really want to trade it, they must carefully monitor the situation in the market as a whole.

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BTC & the Perfect Fibonacci Level, XMR Shows Overall Strength, NEO is on the Trendline: Price Analysis, Sept. 26, 2018

Bitcoin finds a short-term support from the Fibonacci level, Monero shows us overall strength and NEO is on the counter trendline
BTC & the Perfect Fibonacci Level, XMR Shows Overall Strength, NEO is on the Trendline: Price Analysis, Sept. 26, 2018

*** Please note the analysis below is not investment advice. The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of U.Today. Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision.

Bitcoin finds a short-term support from the Fibonacci level

Bitcoin price is almost on the same price level as yesterday but we have gathered more information from the current level, and currently, those signs are short-term bullish indications.

Yesterday, the lowest point was around $6,330 where the price touched the perfect Fibonacci retracement level of 62 percent and bounced upwards. After the bullish bounce, we got a bullish candlestick pattern called "Marubozu," which will indicate that we may see a continuation move upwards. Bitcoin has broken above the April low level and is now fighting with a strong resistance area around $6,460.

From the price structure perspective, this bounce occurred from a 'healthy' place, because Bitcoin made a short-term HL (higher low) which is very important if we want to see a bullish BTC.

In the shorter timeframes, we could see a nice bullish chart pattern called "Inverted Head & Shoulders.” It shows that we have the momentum from the perfect Fibonacci level and it works nicely as a support level. BTC price also made a breakout from the neckline and technically it is ready to go higher but there is nothing clear before we are above those well-known resistance levels (Blue line- strong resistance, $6,500 round number which works as a resistance and the March low level which also starts to work as a resistance).

Monero (XMR/USD) shows overall strength

Monero shows us a pretty smooth and steady climb upwards. It has made very clean higher lows which will indicate that the current short-term trend is strongly upwards.

At the moment, XMR price is below the main down-trendline which works as a resistance, also there is a 50 & 100 EMA and they do the same thing.

Like you know, we have clean higher lows and also we have a bullish indication from the EMA's. On the chart you can see that the 200 EMA is below the 100 EMA, this means that we have a golden cross between the mentioned EMA's and this is a nice indication if we break above the major trendline that the climb will continue. The first targets would be the nearest resistances above us (green 'boxes'), the first one is around $128 and the second one is around $140.

Speaking about support levels and bearish confirmations, then the 200 EMA is below the current price (currently, this is a pretty rare case that the price is above the 200 EMA and this is a pretty strong sign that the coin has the power to hold the price after those dumps) which works as a support. If we break below that then we will have a major counter trendline around $105-$107. The trendline is a remarkable spot where we want to see a bounce upwards if we want to stay bullish, but if we got at least a four-hour candle close below that trendline then it would be a bearish sign and the down pressure is very strong. At that point ,you have to be cautious.

NEO (NEO/USD) is on the major counter trendline

NEO is on the major counter trendline (short-term up-trendline) and if BTC moves upwards from the perfect Fibonacci level at 62 percent then NEO has a pretty good and safe platform to bounce upwards because the price structure forms the higher low.

The first target would be around five percent where there is a historically strong support and resistance area plus different EMA's starts to work as resistances. The second target would be around a 12-15 percent gain, there is the short term triangle upper trendline and 200 EMA.

If we don't find the power to climb upwards and if BTC can’t beat those well-known resistance levels then it's a simple case- the first bad sign is a close below the trendline which currently works as a support and the second confirmation would be a short-term lower low close around $16.

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How to Cash Out Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency: Complete Guide

📚 Wikicoin
Learn about all possible ways to cash out Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
How to Cash Out Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency: Complete Guide

You might be a Bitcoin millionaire, but what’s the point in that, if you cannot use the digital money in the real world? All your trading efforts would have gone in vain if you don’t know how to cash out Bitcoin.

Bitcoin millionaire meme
What’s the point of being rich with crypto, if it can’t buy you anything?

If you already possess a few valuable coins and want to turn them into fiat, this definitive guide is here to help you out. Find out what can be done to sell Bitcoin for cash, as well as all other cryptocurrencies. These methods differ by both how do you cash out Bitcoin, and how much time it takes.

Which way of Bitcoin cash out is best for me?

Before you start turning digital currency into a real one, you need to decide which of methods appeals to you. Here are a few questions to ask yourself for making an informed decision:

  • Do I need the cheapest or the easiest option?

  • How long are you ready to wait to transfer Bitcoin to cash?

  • Where the money should be stored– in PayPal or a bank account (you are free to select the way how to cash out Bitcoin on some platforms).

  • In which currency will you be cashing out Bitcoin?

Now it must be easier to figure out the best method. Let’s move on and find out how to get cash from Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Today, this is the most widespread way of money financial transfer. An exchange platform is a website where you can sell Bitcoin for cash (or other currencies depending on which coins are supported by projects) to other users and transfer money to your bank account.

So, how to withdraw Bitcoins to cash using a cryptocurrency exchange platform?

  1. Create an account using your personal data (every platform has different requirements for personality verification) and provide a link to your bank account or debit/credit card.

  2. Leave a request for exchange– specify the amount of cash out Bitcoins, the currency you want to turn it into, how to cash out cryptocurrency (where to transfer money to), and post your offer.

  3. As soon as someone replies your request and initiates a transaction, the exchange process will be launched. It may take from a couple of minutes to several days– it depends on the bank card provider and currencies chosen, as well as the sum.

There are several exchange platforms available in the Net:

Exchange Platforms

Supported Currencies

Transaction fee


Over 53 currencies

0.16% for BTC-fiat exchange


Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or Ethereum

Up to 3.75%


Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ripple

2% or $10


Ethereum and Bitcoin only

Up to 6%


Almost 100 currencies



108 currencies


Peer-to-peer exchangeMostly, exchanges offer pretty agreeable fees, but there are certain drawbacks connected with this method of withdrawal. It’s not an option if you need money urgently– most likely, you will need to wait at least two days for the bank to process the request. Besides, the fees can be pretty high depending on how do you cash out Bitcoin, and which fiat currency you select.

Don’t want to wait for two to three days to exchange Bitcoin for cash? How to cash Bitcoin quicker? Consider using a platform for P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange like LocalBitcoins. When you sell BTC to other people, you are free to select the payment method for them to use. You choose how to cash out Bitcoins:

  • Cash deposit on your bank account (proof of ID and proof of Payment will be required).

  • Bank transfer. It also requires ID verification and proof of payment provided in advance.

  • Meeting in person. You can arrange a meeting with people nearby and cash out Bitcoin literally.

This is a convenient method, but you should be aware of the fraud. Select LocalBitcoins and similar services that feature the escrow service– this way, Bitcoin will be kept until you receive the payment. How to cash out Bitcoins to PayPal? This method is also suitable for such transfers!

Still confused and wonder how to cash in Bitcoins on such websites? There’s a screenshot that will clear things up:

LocalBitcoins interface
Step-by-step selling of crypto on LocalBitcoins

In other words, you post an offer, someone finds it and replies back. You accept the offer, and your Bitcoins are put in the escrow. As soon as the replier sends you money, you approve of this fact, and he gets your BTC.

Bitcoin prepaid cards

How to cash out Bitcoins to USD instantly? Consider debit cards. This is a relatively new method, but it has a lot of supporters thanks to the benefits it provides. Such cards function as regular ones, they are just funded by BTC and other coins. How to turn Bitcoin into cash using such a card? Just make micropayments in shops and restaurants, or use it in ATMs (crypto will be instantly converted into fiat).

You can order such a card in a few websites, including Monaco. Although it takes some time for the card to be released and sent to you, it is truly worth efforts and waiting. Cashing out Bitcoin with a debit card is beneficial thanks to:

  • low commission fees,

  • chip and PIN support,

  • transparency of fees, and so on.

Please, keep in mind that you will need to verify your personality to receive the card (you need to verify your ID card, as well as address). How to cash out large amounts of Bitcoin with a card? Limits can be raised after going through the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. It proves that you’re not involved in money laundering or any other fraudulent activities.

Check out the video guide to cashing out Bitcoins:


Crypto loans

Can you cash out Bitcoin so that to pay for your loans? Yes, it’s possible. Some companies allow you to deposit crypto into a smart contract– it will be held– and receive fiat at your bank account to pay back the loan when you need it. This method is great because it avoids a taxable event, and you can take out a loan without selling your currency. Besides, you avoid loss caused by cryptocurrency fluctuations.

How to cash in Bitcoin?

Wonder how do you cash in Bitcoin? The reverse process can be done using exactly the same methods as above: cryptocurrency exchange, peer-to-peer platforms, and loans. There are different ways to purchase Bitcoin and other currency (they are discussed in this article).

How to buy Bitcoins?
5 ways to cash in Bitcoin

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many ways to convert Bitcoin into fiat– it’s not as impossible as it was a few years ago. Before you make the final solution you should decide how to cash out of Bitcoin beneficially. Set your priorities: you need lower fees or shorter time? The above-mentioned options aren’t equally suitable for all situations.

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Up or Down: Main News that Affect Bitcoin’s Price in December

These are some of the latest news on Bitcoin, which can have an influence on its price
Up or Down: Main News that Affect Bitcoin’s Price in December

These are some of the latest news on Bitcoin, which can have an influence on its price. These are fundamental, not technical, news.

- Spanish Deputies to Debate Creating ‘National Crypto Council

- Bitcoin to Bottom Out in a Few Months, Research Claims

What are the implications of these news reports?

The proposal by Spain’s People’s Party (PP) about forming a ‘National Council of Cryptocurrencies’ with the strategic purpose of regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology while also providing independence to Spain — especially to policy issues — is important as it can provide an organized legal framework and network for crypto and blockchain-related businesses.

Two of the most crucial issues and concerns related to cryptocurrency are safety and the reliability of the market. Spain takes the cryptocurrency market very seriously as it will host one of Europe’s biggest blockchain events, Congreso Internacional Blockchain, on Dec. 12-14, 2018. Regulation is a topic that will be important during 2019 and beyond.

As the cryptocurrency market is decentralized, any first initiatives from countries to offer a tax-friendly and secure legal framework for blockchain business purposes will give an edge to these countries. In business, a competitive edge is very valuable if it lasts.

BTC/USD chart

A forecast that Bitcoin will bottom in 2019 and then move higher due to the Lightning Network’s success from Delphi Digital is focusing not on technical factors, but on business adoption and prospects about Bitcoin and its future.

“In order for Bitcoin to work as a medium of exchange, we believe it first needs to establish itself as a store of value to help reduce its volatility,” the paper stated.

Instant transactions and lower fees are positive factors for Bitcoin, which is trying to become a medium of exchange in daily financial transactions.

Important Bitcoin statistics for December

Bitcoin, with a price of $3,456 as of December 12, 2018, has lost almost 79.21% of its value in 2018 compared to the January price of about $18,000. Here are some interesting statistics for Bitcoin other than its performance.

·    Unrestricted in 110 of 251 countries/regions.

Bitcoin legality map

·    It is unrestricted for now in 43% of countries/regions. There are differences in classifications of Bitcoin as a currency, property or bartered goods among these countries.

·    The Bitcoin search volume on Google trends peaked in late 2017 and then declined in tandem with Bitcoin’s price.

·    The largest part of the Bitcoin community’s interests is related to financial services and investment services, while the smallest ones are related to business and productivity software.

·    Bitcoin community engagement by gender shows that the male gender dominates the market with a percentage of 91.22%.

·    Bitcoin community engagement by age shows the majority group is the age of 25-34 with a percentage of about 48%.

·    The major device used to access information about Bitcoin is a desktop device with a percentage of 76%. Only 3.12% of Bitcoin community engagement is made with a tablet.

·    The next Reward Halving date is May 10, 2020.

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BTC Looks Bullish, XMR Has Waited For Opportunity, ETH Is In Trouble: Price Analysis, Oct. 5, 2018

Bitcoin is technically good to make another ‘leg’ upwards, Monero is getting ready for breakout, Ethereum is in trouble
BTC Looks Bullish, XMR Has Waited For Opportunity, ETH Is In Trouble: Price Analysis, Oct. 5, 2018

*** Please note the analysis below is not investment advice. The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of U.Today. Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision.

Bitcoin is technically good to make another ‘leg’ upwards

Yesterday was bullish-day and the "Hammer" worked nicely as a bullish pattern. BTC price found a resistance from the trendline which is pulled from July 24. Several attempts in the lower time frames to break upwards have failed, and currently, it makes a healthy little throwback (movement downwards). Healthy, because after impulse wave (yes, this is tiny impulse) there is always a correction before we can start another movement upwards.

The current correction has founded a support from the golden Fibonacci ratio at 62 percent, and we discovered a very strong area on the chart between the $6,530-$6,550 (marked with the orange 'box'). This area has worked historically as a strong support and as a strong resistance and no single candle close inside this orange area, only powerful candles through the area up-and-down, this makes this area super strong. If the current scenario holds us, then there is almost a perfect starting point to go to the higher levels.

First bullish confirmation is a trendline breakout, if we get at least a four-hour candle close above the trendline then it could mean another leg upwards to the next strong resistance at $6,767.

Let's count down all the bullish price action criteria:

1. Oct. 3. we got a bullish candlestick pattern "Hammer"

2. Yesterday (Oct. 4) we got a nice impulse upwards

3. Current throwback has  found a support from the golden Fibonacci level at 62 percent

4. Current throwback has found a support from the super-strong area

So, technically Bitcoin is ready to break that trendline!

To confirm bearishness then the candle close below the orange area will guide us to the lower levels and the full bearish confirmation is then when we also get a candle close below the $6,460 (blue line).

Monero (XMR/USD) awaiting breakout

Monero looks a little bit suspicious and looks like it needs to wait a moment and for the opportunity to break upwards from the triangle.

Currently, there have been several attempts to break through the counter trendline, but it has held the price nicely. Slowly, XMR’s move into the triangle tip to explode and if Bitcoin makes a move upwards and it breaks the trendline then definitely Monero has waited the perfect moment to do the same. At the moment it trades above the 200 EMA on the four-hour chart.

The counter trendline and the 200 EMA make together a strong support area below the current price. So, the only way that we could see a Monero coming down is if the BTC can't break that resistance and starts to come down, a candle closes around $6,450. In this case, we can say that Monero comes down also but currently, doesn't looks like that.

For breakout from the upper trendline, there are two target areas at $128 and $140. Those are the recently worked resistances, and we would recommend to take out some profits in this area because around $150 is just hell. There are multiple monthly supports and resistances that you never want to be on Monero if we reach into this area. The bounce downwards could be probably massive if the scenarios matching each other.

Ethereum (ETH/USD) is in trouble

Ethereum is in trouble. Almost all the altcoins trade above the major counter-trendline but Ethereum is not on the list anymore.

It has a break downwards from the trendline and from the strong area which is not a good sign, but we can find something positive also. Currently, it has an opportunity to make a new higher low on the market structure, and it shows that the power is still there, but we lost the momentum. It has difficult times ahead to break above the first strong area at $225, and it is even harder because on the four-hour chart there are also 50 and 100 EMA's which started to work as a resistance.

To see a bullish Ethereum:

1. BTC and the whole market has to start to grow, Ethereum can't push the price upwards by itself!

2. It has to break above the blue line at $225

3. It has to break above the counter trendline

4. And the final confirmation is a break above the second strong resistance at $236

If the market can't find that power, then we may come down to the "smoother trendline" (brown line) and even lower than that! So, be careful!

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