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GMO Japan’s Internet Giant Unveils Its B2 Bitcoin Miner

Japanese Internet giant GMO releases GMO miner B2 with 58% higher hashrate than Bitmain's Antminer S9
GMO Japan’s Internet Giant Unveils Its B2 Bitcoin Miner

Japanese Internet giant GMO, unveiled details of its much-awaited Bitcoin mining rigs called “GMO miner B2” Tuesday, ahead of its scheduled launch tomorrow.

GMO miner B2 will sell for $1,999 through the company’s subsidiary in Zug, Switzerland.

GMO will start taking orders Wednesday, June 6 and shipping the miner by the end of October, the company says.

The GMO chips designed in Japan and produced in Taiwan,  have a 58 percent higher hashrate than the popular Bitmain Antminer S9  and can calculate hash 24 tln times per second.

Masatoshi Kumagai, chairman, and director of GMO Internet told Nikkei:

“The performance per unit is higher than that of major competitors’ products. If we switch from over 20,000 mining machines operating in Northern Europe to GMO miner B2, the installation space will be about half in terms of equivalent performance.”

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Each unit of the GMO miner B2 consumes 1,950 watts and power supply units can supply up to 2,200 watts at 240 V.

Masatoshi Kumagai added:

“Compared to general mining machines…the power consumption is up to 20 percent, the cost of network equipment etc. can be reduced to 1/55.”

Mr. Masatoshi Kumagai said he wanted to introduce a Japanese miner to compete with machines provided by Bitmain, China's mining hardware behemoth, which has dominated the crypto mining industry.

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He also revealed that the company invested nearly 10 bln yen developing the GMO miner B2.

While GMO’s miner B2 costs twice as much as Bitmain’s Antminer S9 which is priced at $837 the company says the decision to make the miner was no risk move because if it is unable to sell B2 miner, it will use it for its own mining operations.
Mr. Masatoshi Kumagai told Japanese media in a press conference:

“We are not setting business targets such as sales targets yet, but if we cannot sell it, we will use it in our mining business, so I think that it is a very excellent business in that there is no inventory risk.”

He also added that the company provides an API for system monitoring compatible with GMO miner B2 to detect when the product is connected to the net to prevent theft.

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Crypto Valley: Blockchain’s Silicon Valley Tucked Away in Swiss Alps

While the Americans are the current market leaders, the Swiss, backed by its government, have grown to be a crypto force to be reckoned with
Crypto Valley: Blockchain’s Silicon Valley Tucked Away in Swiss Alps

The ever sunny California is known for its tech hub, Silicon Valley, a product of the “dot com” era and home to many startups turned giants. Fewer people know that there also exists a much newer creation, Silicon’s foggy crypto twin, if you will, known as Crypto Valley, located in the town of Zug, right by the lake of the same name, near Mount Zugerberg, in Central Switzerland.

Crypto Valley

The Origins

The mastermind behind this whole endeavour is Johann Gevers, who without too much coyness, rather straightforwardly, describes himself in the following way:

“I am the founder of Crypto Valley, the world’s leading cryptofinance ecosystem, and founder of Monetas, an award-winning transaction platform that brings the world’s most advanced financial and legal services to everyone with a mobile phone. Cryptofinance technologies are revolutionizing the global financial landscape, and will profoundly improve the lives of people everywhere by enabling them to live in freedom and to generate limitless prosperity.”

While Monetas may be a somewhat less familiar name to those involved with the Blockchain, Gevers’s more recent child, Crypto Valley, is becoming more and more of a household name. The Valley is a relatively new phenomenon, having been established in January 2017 as the Crypto Valley Association (CVA), whose goal is to “develop the world’s best ecosystem for Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies and businesses”.

Interestingly, the CVA has the backing of the local Swiss government—undoubtedly, the founder’s commendable achievement—which is why numerous Blockchain companies take to flight precisely there, while many others have since moved to the Valley from elsewhere. All in all, there are over 300 Blockchain companies from 20 different countries residing in the Valley at present.

As a result, it comes as no surprise that the whiz kid Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum, though born in Russia and raised in Canada, chose Crypto Valley as his project’s starting point. Not everyone may know that Buterin’s now well-known crypto creation was born and saw its development as “Eth-Suisse” (Ethereum Switzerland GmbH) back in 2014, later also evolving into “Stiftung Ethereum” (Ethereum Foundation), a non-profit organization. Unsurprisingly, Ethereum-backed Consensys, as well as Tazos and Xapo also have offices in the Valley.

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The Business and its Vision

CVA has a high-end commune type structure with its own code of conduct and seemingly limitless willingness to invite new talent, from developers to legal aid:

“We support and connect startups and established enterprises through policy recommendations, projects across verticals, initiating and enabling research, and organizing conferences, hackathons, and other industry events.”

Among some of the CVA’s divisions of labor are:

  • Startup Onboarding

  • Communications

  • Research and Development

  • Accounting and Structuring

  • Cyber Security

  • Policy and Regulation

  • Education

In this respect, Crypto Valley truly is an multinational hub where some of the best cryptographers, programmers, engineers, regulators, security experts, and financiers, to name only a few categories, are said to be living side by side. For those wishing to get involved and/or invest, the CVA also promises complete commercial transparency and proximity to global markets.

It is, therefore, a no-brainer that Crypto Valley is also the organizer of the Crypto Valley Blockchain Summit: the last one was held in April of this year with the industry’s top guns and members of the European Parliament having attended. This event goes hand in hand with the Valley’s public proclamation:

“With active connections to similar hubs around the world, we also ensure Crypto Valley’s participation in the global efforts to foster Blockchain and cryptographic technology innovation.”

Beyond the Valley

Crypto Valley has been pushing the envelope ever since its inception. But, having been enveloped in all things Blockchain, the local Zug community itself is now undergoing a major crypto change. In July of this year, Swiss authorities declared that a Blockchain-based voting trial they had been running was a success, not to mention the fact that the municipality of Zug was the first place in the world to accept Bitcoin as an official means of payment back in 2016.

To top it off, Switzerland’s Minister of Economics, Johann Schneider-Ammann, made the headlines this January when he vowed to make Switzerland a “crypto nation in five to ten years” and thereby adopt a national cryptocurrency in the process. Similar voices had been heard before from Venezuela and even China (despite the apparent ban on ICOs), but this was the first time a high-income developing country in the West said anything of the kind.

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With the eager fintech minds of the Valley cooking up applied cryptography as we speak and local governments—who know too well where the money is—bowing in support, Switzerland is likely to make yet more headlines in the months and years to come and emerge as a mighty crypto force of the modern era.

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The Unreal Estate: Why Blocksquare’s ICO Faces Big Big Problems

👁 ICO Watch
We don’t think Blocksquare’s ICO will reach the goals it says it will achieve, and here is why
The Unreal Estate: Why Blocksquare’s ICO Faces Big Big Problems

Blocksquare dwells on the idea that has occurred to anyone familiar both with ICOs and real estate development. “Look, there’s a such a nice property over there, why can’t I just start an ICO, raise cryptocurrency, buy that property, and make a profit for everyone by leasing or reselling this property.”

That's exactly what Blocksquare wants to do. This Slovenian startup intends to offer a platform allowing to create tokens that represent a share in commercial properties.

Nothing really revolutionary- essentially, it offers a smart contract-based REIT (real estate investment trust) or real estate crowdfunding with blackjack and hookers, I mean, with Blockchain and tokens.

Proof of title. Of what?

On Blocksquare, a token (called generically “proptoken”) is issued in cooperation with a real estate broker or property developer,  for a specific property. Crypto is raised, sold for fiat, and given as an interest-bearing loan to this developer or company.

Developer purchases the property using the borrowed money. The loan is secured by a mortgage on the target property in favor of Blocksquare. Interests on the loan are paid to Blocksquare in fiat currency.

Blocksquare, in turn, buys BST tokens on the market, and a smart contract distributes BSTs between holders of the token. From that point, it is all elegant and simple.

The core of Blocksquare platform is Proof of Title protocol. It claims to provide a way to connect a smart contract with the traditional land registry so that investors can always be sure that the target property still belongs to the entity that has initially purchased it, and there is no further encumbrance. Seems to be okay, too- even though it doesn’t insure from a lot of things.  

So what’s the problem?

The white paper may lead some of the readers to believe that Proptoken owner will be registered as a co-proprietor in the land registry. No, he won’t. There’s a “title escrow entity” mentioned in the white paper- a real-world company, vetted by Blocksquare, an established certified real estate company or developer “with a good track record.”

It is obliged by the loan agreement to pay interest to Blocksquare and to obey decisions made by token holders under consensus protocol. If they don’t pay, the mortgage defaults and Blocksquare transfers ownership to another Certified Partner.

It is not a problem per se, most group investments in real estate are organized in a similar manner (individual investors normally become shareholders of a company or members of a partnership that is registered as a holder of the title, or they are investors in a fund that owns it, etc).

But, in case of Blocksquare, there are few easily enforceable links between the investor (proptoken holder) and the property. The investor only has a quasi-contractual relationship with Blocksquare, based on the smart contract. Blocksquare is protected by a mortgage on the property, but proptoken holders aren’t.

They are dependent on Blocksquare or whatever real-world entity that floats the tokens. Not so de-centralized (especially for an investment that may last for years or decades).

Too many ifs

It will likely be fine, until Blocksquare as a corporate entity is fine, and is managed in good faith, and their partners do the same. If Blocksquare runs into problems, or there’s mismanagement inside the company, proptoken holders won’t be likely to have any priority over other creditors, as their investment isn’t protected by a mortgage - it is just ordinary debt. 

Theoretically, they’d be even in a less secure position: enforcing a smart contract in court may become difficult, at least in the near future until courts accumulate the relevant experience. Of course, even a verbal contract is valid under most legal systems, but it is just more difficult to enforce. The same goes for smart contracts.

Blocksquare is incorporated in Slovenia, but the management is actively scouting for a better regulatory environment in other jurisdictions, including Zug, Switzerland. So Slovenian or Swiss or possibly other courts will be competent over potential disputes between token holders and the company, whenever the property in question is located. It may even be good news for the investor, as they won’t have to deal with courts in obscure overseas jurisdictions.

There is no ready solution yet in terms of investor protection, as things stay right now. “We are looking into a legal structure that will account for all worst case scenarios. It is imperative for a system like Blocksquare to gain trust by taking all legal measures possible to protect the end-users e.g. PropToken holders”, responded Mr. Petrovcic, Blocksquare’s CEO to Cryptocomes, when asked about the destiny of proptokens in case if Blocksquare goes out of business, or absorbed by another company.


The technology that is the heart of Blocksquare is easy to replicate - the idea is obvious. It is not a rocket science to read the state of the land registry (or have a trusted law firm request an extract and post the state of ownership to the Blockchain, where land registries aren’t online).

When cryptomarket matures and relevant regulation appears, traditional real estate investment funds will add crypto investment possibilities, making Blocksquare position complicated. Blocksquare white paper completely ignores the possibility of the competition.

Also, the land registry is not the single potential point of failure of the whole scheme, so integration with it doesn’t grant the complete peace of mind to the investor.


Proptoken holders will be paid in BST acquired on the market. To fix their profits, token holders will need to sell their BSTs on the same market. It is not uncommon that even the most liquid cryptocurrencies are traded with significant differences between sale and purchase price. So it won’t be illogical to expect losses when selling BSTs in smaller amounts. “Blocksquare might buy more BST on the market when prices are low, and less when the prices are high, but distribution will be valued on BST price averages. This option gives more stability to the BST token price when markets are volatile.”, - said Blocksquare’s CEO to Cryptocomes when asked how Blocksquare wants to deal with a situation of possible disparity between buy and sell prices of BST token.

Regulatory risks

As it looks right now, Proptokens created on the Blocksquare platform will likely be considered securities by most regulators- as they are offered to the public and bear  interest. This will require regulatory approval by many regulatory bodies for every country where they are offered, for instance with the SEC in the US.

Will Blocksquare will go and ask for regulatory authorizations for every proptoken issued? Will it mean a substantial legal hassle, that will be passed on to issuers? Will this set a natural lower limit for investment, that makes all that trouble worth its while, like in case with IPOs, where one doesn’t go for it unless they need at least certain amount?

All great questions and I wish I had all the answers. As I said, Blocksquare issues a loan and in the eyes of local authorities that's what it is,” told me Denis Petrovcic, Blocksquare CEO, to the questions raised above:

I believe we are now in 1903, looking at a Ford car, while on the road we have carriages and horses and we are trying to mount horses in front of cars, keeping the engines off, just so they would look more like carriages.”

“I would argue Blockchain-based tokens differ from traditional securities in the way accounting is conducted, validation is performed and ultimately medium of value exchange is stored,” he adds. “Just like a carriage and a car, they both do the same job, just the new invention does it much better than what was previously used and society needs first to adapt and put new rules in place so people can safely use them.”

Until that happens though, one may see a possibility of regulatory intervention on behalf of the citizens of different countries where proptokens are offered (or restrictions of availability, as many ICOs do these days).

Given that seeking even one single regulatory approval for a security isn’t generally a quick or cheap process, this may theoretically limit the possibilities of offering proptokens worldwide (at least, legally).

This questions the main assumption of the project - the ability to open the worldwide market in a frictionless manner. In the close perspective, it will be neither worldwide nor frictionless, if done in a compliant manner.

Customer base and revenue assumptions

Blocksquare expects to tokenize 5,000 properties worldwide on the second year post-ICO and 70,000 third year. Given the circumstances we have considered above, it is questionable whether Blocksquare can attract traditional property investors (given overheads, lower level of investment protection compared to traditional investment vehicles, low penetration of cryptotechnology).The Unreal Estate: Why Blocksquare’s ICO Faces Big Big Problems

If this premise shows to be true, Blocksquare would attract mostly investors who already hold cryptocurrencies or mine them.

So Blocksquare’s proptokens will compete with other ICOs for the investor base.

Now, they expect that proptokens’ capitalization will reach $2.5 bln to the end of the second year, and some stunning $35 bln in the end of the third year of operation.

Improbable goals

These numbers are just a simulation of growth based on the number of properties in the system. If you look at the number of Airbnb flats , there is more than 1 trillion USD worth of real estate listed on a short-term rental platform.... and we didn't even start looking at other rent-generating properties”, says Blocksquare’s CEO when asked what motivated their business case’s assumptions. “Can we achieve those numbers? Perhaps. Will it to be hard to get there? Most definitely. How do we start? Flat by flat, unit by unit.

Just to remind ourselves: all ICOs combined have raised about $4 bln in 2017. And Blocksquare wants us to believe that almost 60 percent will be raised by a single consortium (i.e. Blocksquare + Certified Partners), and then, the next year, they’d raise amounts the same order of magnitude to what Ethereum is worth now.

Given that property returns are relatively low (five percent p.a. before taxes is considered a good deal, at least in Europe), and most ICOs are speculative, Blocksquare proptoken offers will attract a relatively limited investor base looking for stability.

I’d be happy to be mistaken, but I see it improbable that Blocksquare will reach the ambitious objectives it aims for.

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Africa’s Blockchain Potential Limitless But Its Implementation the True Struggle

Africa has long been heralded as a gateway for Blockchain technology with all its potential, but the implementation is particularly difficult
Africa’s Blockchain Potential Limitless But Its Implementation the True Struggle

Cryptocurrencies were born out of the crisis. It was Bitcoin that came into being in the wake of the 2008 banking crisis as a way for individuals to free themselves of the tyranny of the institutionalized financial system.

The financial struggles seen predominantly across the west are at least wavering, but in Africa, the construct that has been created by a colonial past has propped up a financial system that is not purpose-built for the continent. For that reason, a new financial system, such as one based on Blockchain, is an enticing prospect.

It is not only the financial side that is worth looking at in an African context. The same principles that make cryptocurrencies poignant also extend to Blockchain technology and that can be used well in an African context. The transparency of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain makes voting open to much fairer elections.

However, the issue is not the potential that Blockchain has in an African setting, it is rather the implementation of a Blockchain ecosystem. Currently, the mass roll-out of a Blockchain ecosystem is being stymied across the first world despite all the technology and resources available. These same resources are not even available to Africa — but there are much cleaner foundations.

A new ground zero

One issue that could slow down the adoption of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain across the first world is the institutionalized systems already in place. Things like Bitcoin burst onto the scene with a bullish attitude that they could replace banks and other financial institutions, as well as regulators. However, as time has gone on it has been clear that the entrenched system is far too strong to be shifted by one technology, no matter how decentralized it is.

However, in Africa, the foundation that banks and regulators have been built upon is inherently shaky. Regulators are corrupt and self-gratifying while the banks are also not the basis of money with such a large population happily being unbanked.

This is where the main root of cryptocurrency adoption is in Africa, the fact that banks are difficult and centralized to reach for a population that lacks solid transport and is predominantly rural.

Cryptocurrencies offer people access to their money with more ease than a traditional bank, as well as the fact that traditional banking rules and fees are often insurmountable for some of the world’s poorest people.

In terms of technology advancements, Blockchain also offers a new building block for Africa. Things like supply chain, elections, charity organizations and a number other sectors plagued by corruption can benefit from a lack of centralized control and a transparent nature.

“Governments can choose to be in a race to be the most restrictive, or alternatively to be the most embracing and innovating when it comes to Blockchain technology,” Neil Blazevic, founder of Africa Digital Assets, explains.

Many African countries suffer from instability and poor financial and physical infrastructure. Blockchain, with its exchanges secured by cryptography, thrives in such environments.

“The best uses for Blockchain are seen where many parties from different sectors lack trust or have different interests as it can reduce corruption, increase transparency, automate accounting and improve processing times,” says Blazevic.

The difficulties of getting going

But, despite all the possibility and potential, there is a number of major handbrakes which are slowing, if not crippling totally, the ability for Blockchain to reach its potential. From the outset, Blockchain technology is an advanced digital technology; however, most of Africa’s population lives rurally with little access even to the Internet.

And, by being one step behind, where people are still seeing the Internet as new, Africa will have difficulty understanding Blockchain.

Naomi Snyman, Blockchain Lead at Standard Bank in South Africa, explains just how Blockchain is like the Internet was a few decades or so ago.

“If we think about how the Internet started, we didn’t understand why we needed it or how it even works. But it has completely revolutionized our lives. The same counts for Blockchain,” Snyman said.

So, with there being a lower understanding of even the Internet, education will be a big problem, so will the actual access to the Internet to reap the benefits for the common person. While the unbanked may not have access to banks due to their proximity, they may be even further away from having easy access to the Internet.

Still, there is a boom in cryptocurrencies being witnessed in places like Zimbabwe which is going through a long-standing financial crisis. Dash is trying to be a leader in places like Zimbabwe and Venezuela, even making it possible to send cryptocurrencies through SMS.

Another big barrier to entry, which is the case across the globe, is regulation. There is a strong sense of power and privilege in governmental positions in Africa, and to that end, a system that is disintermediated like Blockchain is not very appealing to that power structure.

However, Snyman adds:

“In this world, you have to make peace with the fact that you will be disintermediated, your way of making money now and operating will be disrupted because we are in a space where everything is being decentralized. Blockchain basically is a piece of technology that allows users to interact directly with one another through nodes instead of through a central party. Creating new networks and platforms are definitely the biggest benefits of this technology. The spirit of Blockchain is collaboration.”

A tipping point

On paper, there is very little denying that Africa can benefit from the pure integrity of what Blockchain can bring. However, the continent sits on a tipping point where it can either wait and fall behind the rest of the globe again, seeing how they handle this new technology, or they can take the lead and leapfrog ahead.

Africa has been baying for a system which it can shape and built on its own without being beholden to former colonizers or other systems, and Blockchain can be such a system, but it needs to be more than another copy-job, it needs to be a truly African solution.

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How to buy Litecoin (LTC) in USA: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Some exchanges offer service of changing Bitcoins for Litecoins.
How to buy Litecoin (LTC) in USA: A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting with Litecoin is easy

  1. Get the Litecoin wallet.
  2. Purchase cryptocurrency.
  3. You can use Litecoin for purchasing online services and other goods.
  4. How to purchase Litecoins.
  5. Litecoin Exchange should be chosen first.
  6. Use any currency for buying Litecoins having linked your bank account. You can also purchase cryptocurrency via credit card or with bank transfer.
  7. Your wallet will be filled with Litecoins.
  8. You need to remember – there are only few exchanges where you can complete direct selling of Litecoins. Most of exchanges that allow you to buy Litecoins do not sell this cryptocurrency directly. It will take one more transaction - buy Bitcoins first and later trade them for Litecoins.

Some exchanges offer service of changing Bitcoins for Litecoins. After the operation completed your Litecoins will appear in your wallet. You can use them to purchase goods and online services. 
(ref: https://coincil.com/how-to-buy-and-sell-litecoin/).
Here is the list of currently existing addresses to make Litecoin payments as easy as possible. Kindly get acquainted with these products and services.

  • https://coinpayments.net/ - LTC & BTC payment getaway
  • https://shapeshift.io - used by Overstock.com
  • https://alfacoins.com/ - an international payment processor for Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • https://www.gocoin.com/ - Enabling merchants to accept BTC & LTC payments
  • https://www.asmoney.com/ - this resource is adopted for LTC & BTC payment system
  • https://www.cryptowoo.com/ - a decentralized payment plugin to accept LTC, DOGE, & BTC
  • http://cointopay.com/ - provides merchant services in LTC, BTC
  • https://litepaid.com/ - accepts over 25 cryptocurrencies, easy and fast service
  • https://gourl.io/ - this is an open source payment gateway

Here you can find almost everything for your needs:

  • http://bitroadmarket.com/en/ - Electronics , Home and Kitchen Goods for your home (clothing, furniture, pets):
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Music – different types for any taste:

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Your Litecoins could be converted into cash – just sell them, here is the algorithm 

  • Open the link of cryptocurrency exchange handling Litecoins, register and log in.
  • Pick “sell” option.
  • Enter the amount of Litecoins you wish to sell.

After transaction confirmation, the equal amount of your Litecoins in chosen currency will be transferred to pointed bank account.

Use Paypal credits (in USD) for sell Litecoins. There are exchanges providing this service – choose one of them. How to find the exchange providing the best rate? It will likely take top place of the pick – scroll through the list, find and select exchange with any rate you like.

After transaction confirmation, the equal amount of your Litecoins appears on PayPal balance of yours.
Two main goals of Litecoin creation – the increased speeds of transaction confirmation and block creation time (quadruple compared to BTC) were achieved. The impressing advantages, aren’t they?
The only drawback of Litecoins is the lack of exchanges where one could buy and sell this digital coins directly. You still need to convert Bitcoins first and trade them for “Lite” cryptocurrency. That downside causes the less popularity of LTC in comparison with Ethereum or of course Bitcoin.

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We believe as soon as additional converting transaction will be eliminated and the Litecoins could be purchased and sold directly, this crypto coins will beat by popularity all other digital currencies.

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