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Edensol GameFi on Solana Integrates Secretum as Messaging App

Thu, 03/24/2022 - 08:44
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Vladislav Sopov
Mainstream play-to-earn ecosystem on Solana, Edensol, advances its infrastructure by integrating Secretum messenger
Edensol GameFi on Solana Integrates Secretum as Messaging App
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Two heavyweights of Solana's decentralized applications (dApps) ecosystem, Edensol (NSOL) and Secretum, have entered into a long-term strategic collaboration. As this partnership kicks off, the NFT, messaging and gaming experience for Solana (SOL) ecosystem will be boosted.

Secretum integrated by Edensol for better messaging and NFT operations

According to the official announcement by the Edensol GameFi ecosystem, it has scored a partnership with Secretum, a Solana-based ecosystem with a messenger, cryptowallet and OTC trading module.

Within the framework of the partnership, Edensol will leverage Secretum's infrastructure to guarantee safe, censorship-resistant and fully encrypted communication with its users. Also, Edensol's players will be able to chat with each other via Secretum.

Besides that, the OTC and peer-to-peer trading functionality of Secretum will be avaliable for all Edensol NFT owners. NSOL, a core native cryptocurrency of Edensol, will also be avaliable in Secretum's wallet.

Thus, both NSOL tokens and Edensol's in-game NFTs can now be traded, stored and transferred in a noncustodial manner through a single dApp.

Besides that, Secretum's infrastructure will protect Edensol's operations from scammers: NSOL token ownership will be verified by Secretum Messenger decentralized ID management tools.

To celebrate the upcoming partnership, two protocols decided to launch a giveaway. 2000 SER and 250,000 NSOL tokens will be distributed between lucky participants. Net volume of prize pool exceeds $2000 in equivalent.

Pushing barriers for dApps on Solana

Edensol is a unique Metaverse project on Solana (SOL): it combines advanced GameFi and NFT experiences. It is a digital world with heroes, warriors, rangers, mages, pets and other fictional actors.

Every NFT in Edensol's ecosystem has its own characteristics: special image details, number and type of pet owned and so on. NFTs belong to different value categories; NSOL is a backbone element of Edensol's tokenomic design.

Presenting Edensol: Revolutionary NFT Gaming Experience

Besides characters, players can trade and exchange in-game items for Edensol, such as swords, axes, traps, fireballs, magic spells and battle outfits.

Secretum is a one-stop application for trading and messaging on Solana (SOL) blockchain. It allows users to send and receive instant messages through purpose-made blockchain nodes.

Secretum also integrated specific modules for crypto storage, NFT operations and so on.

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