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Dogecoin Founder Makes Unexpected AI Statement

Mon, 1/01/2024 - 8:58
Dogecoin Founder Makes Unexpected AI Statement
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Billy Markus, who created the very first and now iconic cryptocurrency Dogecoin together with Jackson Palmer approximately 10 years ago, has taken to the Twitter/X social media platform to share one of his first 2024 tweets with millions of his followers.

That was an unexpected tweet about artificial intelligence and New Year resolutions, but rather it seems to be about what people are likely to start doing in the new year with the help of AI.

"New year's AI resolutions 2024"

Markus, who is a frequent X user and a pen friend of its boss Elon Musk, unlike Jackson Palmer, has shared “his New Year resolutions” with his 2.1 million followers. Every action on that list is related to mastering a new profession or mastering something new with one common feature that all these ballpoints have — AI.

Therefore, Markus tweets that he intends to “learn to draw (via ai), learn to code (via ai), write a novel (via ai), write a musical (via ai)” and so on. It seems like Markus is talking not about himself but is predicting a trend that is likely to be dominant this year in many spheres of people’s activities — artificial intelligence. The most available so far is the ChatGPT chatbot created by OpenAI.

Elon Musk contributed financially to the creation of the company in 2015 but then quit due to heavy discrepancies with the management board, and now he slams this chatbot as “woke.”


Elon Musk's Grok versus OpenAI's ChatGPT

After first making this statement about ChatGPT a year ago, Musk founded his own AI company later in 2023 and launched the Grok AI bot for Premium+ subscribers on X. Unlike ChatGPT, it does not avoid answering “uncomfortable” questions on topics like politics, religion, sex and others that are thought to be sensitive by many. Besides, many have noted that Grok does have a sense of humor unlike its rival made by OpenAI.

All one has to do to create content is ask questions and/or give an AI-based chatbot prompts, and the necessary content (or something close to it in various degrees) will be generated. This is how Markus intends to follow his 2024 resolutions, as he pointed out in a response to a comment under his tweet.


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