XRP Price Prediction: Will XRP Break $0.35 Resistance? No Silver Lining in the Cloud Is Found
XRP Price Prediction: Will XRP Break $0.35 Resistance? No Silver Lining in the Cloud Is Found

Cardano News - Charles Hoskinson Talks ‘Painful’ Cardano 1.4 Update and Shelley

  • Alex Morris
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    After polishing the code base, Cardano is also focusing on the social component of the pending Shelley release

Charles Hoskinson Talks ‘Painful’ Cardano 1.4 Update and Shelley
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During his recent live stream, Charles Hoskinson, the mastermind behind Cardano, provided some insights into the project’s future development. The recent Cardano 1.4 update and the upcoming Shelley phase became the focal points of his 30-minute long monologue.

A painful update

Hoskinson acknowledges that some users have had trouble updating to Cardano 1.4.

It will take some time for a new data layer to be formed once all old files have been cleaned up.

He emphasizes that this is a huge update that they’ve put a lot of work into, therefore the transition is time-consuming.

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Talking Shelley

Shelley, the next phase in Cardano’s roadmap, will require a fork, Hoskinson reveals. The fork is expected to take place in Q1 2019.

Once Ouroboros BFT is out, the community will have to undergo the Cardano 1.5 update. The fork will migrate from Ouroboros BFT to Ouroboros Genesis.

Mending messy code

He states the reason behind their hiatus is their messy code. IOHK engineers who worked on the original code base are no longer on the team. Now that they’ve cleaned up the house, as Hoskinson puts it, the 1.5 update is much more ‘graceful’ since it won’t require going through the restoration process.

Focusing on the social component

Cardano is respected for the robust technology that underpins it. Now, they need community feedback, going from the hardcore mathematical design to the realm of opinions.

Shelley will have three components:

  1. A social component;

  2. A testing component;

  3. An upgrade component.

Hoskinson states that people often have unrealistic expectations that Cardano is a polished product. Now, they want to make Shelley more user-friendly.

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Cardano News - Cardano Price Shows Good Growth — Will the Latest Upgrade Mean a Spike for ADA?

  • Jack Thomas
    🤷 Opinions

    🔥📈 Cardano is on the brink of its next stage – Cardano 1.5 – and perhaps this positive news is the reason why ADA is up?📌

Cardano Price Shows Good Growth — Will the Latest Upgrade Mean a Spike for ADA?
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Cardano is one coin that is showing decent growth amongst a sea of small losses today. Is it because project Shelley is on the horizon, thanks to Cardano 1.5, an improved consensus protocol, that the price of its token, ADA, is on the move?

Cardano is an interesting project, and it is one that has been focused on quality, by its own admission. It has been rather slow with its upgrades: it has been three years now, and after active research and trailblazing, the testing of Cardano 1.5 marks the end of the Byron development phase as project Shelley makes its way through the door.

This is an important milestone for Cardano that allows for proper consensus protocol transition from Ouroboros BFT to Genesis designed for Shelley. But the question that needs to be asked is, will this upgrade of the project lead to good growth for ADA?

A focus on quality

What has become evident in terms of cryptocurrency investing, especially with altcoin projects, is that there have been positive reactions to good news, as well as positive advancements in the projects.

One clear proponent of that is Binance Coin. The native token of Binance is flying in the first quarter of 2019 thanks mostly to the fact that Binance, as an exchange, is performing well and advancing its own work in a positive manner.

There have been boosts for tokens such as Litecoin and EOS as they have posted good news about their own adoption and advancement as projects, and now, with Cardano doing the same, the positivity is having an effect.

Good growth in a red market

In general, the cryptocurrency market has been trading mostly flat, with some incremental growth over the last seven days. However, today marks a day of mostly red numbers, although they are predominantly small losses.

ADA is, however, up 2.5 percent, and looking across the last seven days there has been steady growth – the kind of growth one expects from good work within the project rather than just speculative investing.

Cardano charts


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