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Cardano Testnet Is Looking Good and Behaves as Expected, Says Stake Pool Operator

Sun, 08/21/2022 - 14:24
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Gamza Khanzadaev
Seems like Charles Hoskinson was right about alarmists and FUD regarding Cardano
Cardano Testnet Is Looking Good and Behaves as Expected, Says Stake Pool Operator
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Cardano nodes of versions 1.34.1 and 1.35.3 are normalized and work in accordance with the terms of use of smart contracts, stated a prominent Cardano enthusiast, who operates Logic stake pool operator and develops the Plutus platform.

I think I properly reproduced the bug that was in 1.35.2 that caused issues for testnet on the spo dev net going on right now. As of now, it does seem like 1.34.1 and 1.35.3 behave as expected in terms of smart contract usage. Everything is looking good. #cardano #VasilHardFork

— The Ancient Kraken (@AncientKraken) August 21, 2022

The Cardano functionary also described a process with node 1.35.2, which was intended to run the long-awaited Vasil hard fork. According to the developer, nodes 1.34.1 and 1.35.3 will not include the wrong tx in the chain if the bad node, 1.35.2, sends it. At the same time, node 1.35.2 actually just holds the tx in its local mempool, while all other nodes just pass it.

The problem itself was caused by the fact that node 1.35.2 allows build-raw to produce a valid tx with a very low fee, said Cardano enthusiast, noting that the problem has now been fixed and tested. Concluding his speech, the developer noted that the team still has a lot of testing ahead, but at least that strange bug, which caused a FUD storm on social networks, has been fixed.

What happened to Cardano?

Recall that the Cardano test network was "catastrophically" damaged due to a bug in Cardano Node v1.35.2. That was the version that was previously said to be tested and ready for the Vasil hard fork.

As a result, there was a small conflict between the operators of stake pools on Cardano and the founder of the project Charles Hoskinson. While the first accused Hoskinson of the excessive rush to upgrade and the emergence of such bugs as a consequence, the entrepreneur accused the participants of the decentralized network of slowing down the process and harming developers, still urging all operators to update nodes to version 1.35.3.

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