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Bitcoin Dispute Leads to Home Invasion, Two Women Arrested

  • Paul Hackley
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    Home invasion in Connecticut, Bitcoin to blame

Bitcoin Dispute Leads to Home Invasion, Two Women Arrested

Two women have been arrested in connection to a home invasion in Connecticut earlier this year, in which the victims were pistol-whipped and attacked with an electric cattle prod.

Police said the female resident of Killingly, CT, recognized two of the people that forced entry into the home, used an electric cattle prod on one occupant and pistol-whipped another in the head. The female occupant said she was chased into a bathroom, where one of the home invaders used a hammer to break in, but she was able to escape to a neighbor’s house. The suspects stole money, cell phones and a television, police said. Furthermore, one of the suspects told the other to “shoot the victims.”


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The home invasion occurred because of a Bitcoin account the female victim opened in the name of Monique Delannoy-Jodoin, 59, of Manville, Rhode Island, one of the home invasion suspects. Police stated that Delannoy-Jodoin was already under investigation for drug dealing through the postal system. The other suspect was Beatriz Viruet, 38, who is a resident of Providence, RI. Police said Delannoy-Jodoin wanted passwords related to her Bitcoin account and money she said had been stolen from her.

Earlier this year, a shooting took place in Miami in connection with a Bitcoin deal. Even today, on Oct. 18, a fatal stabbing happened in Norway after conducting Bitcoin for cash deal in person.

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