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Bitcoin (BTC) vs. Gold (XAU): This Infographic Takes Retrospective Look at Peter Schiff's Investment Advice from 2011

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 08:39
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Alex Dovbnya
Bitcoin (BTC) or gold (XAU)? Here's what Peter Schiff said about the bitter rivalry of these assets back in 2011
Bitcoin (BTC) vs. Gold (XAU): This Infographic Takes Retrospective Look at Peter Schiff's Investment Advice from 2011
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If you are still on the fence about taking investment advice on Bitcoin from Peter Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, here’s a visual representation of how wrong he was about crypto in the 2010s. 

When Bitcoin reached the top of its first bubble period of $31 in June 2011, Schiff claimed that the first cryptocurrency could be simply a fad during a radio show with Donald Norman, the founder of a London-based Bitcoin consultancy, that aired on June 20, 2011. Meanwhile, he insisted that gold could be used in all sorts of properties.  

“If I’m going to take $10,000 and store them in Bitcoins, how do I know if a year or two from now anybody is going to accept them for anything. What if it’s a fad and nobody wants them?”

Back then, however, Schiff wasn't such a ferocious bear since he admitted that Bitcoin had scarcity despite lacking intrinsic value. Fast-forward to 2020, he now claims that BTC is a fraud that will be worth nothing after the next halvening.        

Those who took a word of advice from Schiff missed out on the best-performing asset of the previous decade that skyrocketed by 9 mln percent. In fact, those contrarian investors who bought $10,000 worth BTC after listening to Schiff, could have netted an eye-popping $4.179 mln on Dec. 31, 2019, if they had enough patience to hodl throughout all these years. 


Meanwhile, gold buyers would end up with only $9,854 (less than the initial amount of their investment). Schiff predicted that the yellow metal could surge to $5,000 by 2014.   

With the continuous expansion of the US economy and surging Bitcoin prices, the previous decade was a disaster for Schiff who rose to stardom by predicting the 2008 financial crisis when pretty much everyone was bullish. 

Given that BTC has a snowball's chance in hell of bringing investors the same returns in the 2020s, Peter Schiff might have better luck this decade. However, his latest jab at Bitcoin backfired since BTC touched $8,400 shortly after his acrimonious tweet.

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