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Binance (BNB) Launches Crypto Creepers Educational Activities on Halloween

Fri, 10/28/2022 - 15:30
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Vladislav Sopov
Crypto Creepers is unique Halloween-themed 'edutainment' initiative designed to debunk common misunderstandings about crypto
Binance (BNB) Launches Crypto Creepers Educational Activities on Halloween
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Binance (BNB), the largest cryptocurrency ecosystem in the world, shares the details of its massive Halloween-themed education series, Crypto Creepers. This initiative is designed to "take the creepy out of crypto."

Binance (BNB) introduces unique edutainment series, Crypto Creepers

According to the announcement shared by the team of global cryptocurrency exchange Binance (BNB), its Halloween-themed education series Crypto Creepers kicks off.

The upcoming initiative is designed to "demistify" Web3 and to dismiss the most dangerous misconceptions about the cryptocurrency segment, its usage, adoption and the role its plays in daily life.

According to a recent poll organized by Binance (BNB), the average Internet user still lacks reliable and newbie-friendly sources of the information about blockchain and cryptocurrency:

Nearly 30% of respondents felt that not having enough information was enough to scare them off and 42.8% said there were fears around market uncertainty and volatility.

Within the series, visitors to the Binance (BNB) website will be able to see the journey of "Winny the Web3 Witch" exploring the most common "fears" of cryptocurrency newcomers.

Debunking toxic myths about crypto, blockchain and Web3

Also, users will be able to see Winny's experience with a "trick-or-treat journey" via Twitter, where common misconceptions, myths and rumors will be dispelled.

While the series will cover the majority of myths the cryptocurrency segment is surrounded by, volatility, scams, regulation and utility will be in focus for its content.

As a result, participants and viewers of Binance's Crypto Creepers will be less exposed to good old FUD (fears, uncertainties and doubts) common in the world of Web3.

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