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Shiba Inu's Shibarium Hits Multi-Million Milestone in Record Time

Mon, 09/04/2023 - 09:19
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Gamza Khanzadaev
Millions pour in and join in as Shibarium rockets weeks after launch
Shiba Inu's Shibarium Hits Multi-Million Milestone in Record Time
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In a remarkable turn of events, Shiba Inu's Shibarium protocol celebrated its one-week anniversary by achieving a staggering milestone. In just seven days since its launch, the protocol has not only attracted millions of dollars but also millions of users.

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According to data from DefiLlama, the total value locked (TVL) within the Shiba Inu network currently stands at an impressive $1.05 million. This figure, which signifies the amount of capital poured into various projects on Shibarium, was even higher at one point. As reported by U.Today, within the first week of its relaunch, Shibarium witnessed its TVL soaring to an astonishing $1.47 million.

Source: DefiLlama

Another jaw-dropping statistic is the number of users on the Shibarium network, which has now surpassed the 1.01 million mark, according to Shibariumscan. This growth rate has been nothing short of astounding, with the number of addresses tripling in just a matter of days during the previous week.

Source: Shibariumscan

In addition to these impressive numbers, Shibarium is on the cusp of achieving yet another significant milestone. Over the past seven days, transactions on the network have reached a staggering 959,029 at the time of writing. If this level of activity persists, hitting the one-million transaction mark is not merely a matter of days but potentially just a couple of hours away.

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These results from Shibarium's first week since relaunch demonstrate a promising start for the protocol. As we move into the second week, the SHIB community eagerly anticipates further developments and milestones.

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