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Ripple Announces Grants Giveaway to XRP Ledger Developers

Wed, 04/26/2023 - 15:24
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Gamza Khanzadaev
RippleX to reward XRPL contributors with grants, but they need to match these criteria
Ripple Announces Grants Giveaway to XRP Ledger Developers
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RippleX has opened applications for its XRPL Grants Program Wave 6, seeking financially inclusive projects leveraging Web3 on XRP Ledger until June 18, 2023. The focus is on projects addressing financial inequities and providing innovative use cases for the XRP Ledger to streamline financial processes. RippleX seeks to fund projects that contribute to the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem with a real-world impact, including applications, tools, middleware and services.

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How to get a grant

Eligible projects cover a variety of areas such as ReFi, DeFi, lending, DEX/AMM interfaces, asset management, payments, e-commerce, tokenization, decentralized compliance & security, interoperability, developer tools, oracles and insurance.

The application process consists of multiple stages, with applicants receiving notifications within six to eight weeks of their submission. RippleX will screen applications and conduct technical reviews in June 2023. The XRPL Grants Judging Committee will conduct an in-depth review in July 2023, and finalists will be interviewed in August 2023. The winners will be announced publicly in September 2023.

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The announcement on the developer grants came just one day after the announcement of RippleX's initiative to incentivize XRP Ledger-oriented enterprises. These events are part of Ripple's continued efforts to promote innovation and adoption of cryptocurrencies. The company has been actively supporting the development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies through its $250 million fund.

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