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Tips on how to secure your bitcoin wallet

Tue, 13/11/2018 - 12:57
Tips on how to secure your bitcoin wallet
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Are you in the market for Bitcoin but concerned about how to secure your Bitcoin wallet? Have you been looking at the exchanges and been unable to decide on one?


Unfortunately, not all of the exchanges are alike, but when you need one to compare with others--Jubiter Technologies OU ( is positioned as that one.

Jubiter, launched this year, 2018, so they are not the oldest, but they are the pick because, like any secure structure that is built to prevail, Jubiter spent their first year laying a strong, secure foundation.

Many don't tell you about their full legal compliance; however, full disclosure is a strong indicator of Jubiter's commitment to clients. Furthermore, their financial licensing for providing services for exchanging a virtual currency against fiat currency and for providing a virtual currency wallet service is in place. In addition, their MSB status in FinCen, International AML/KYC Policies, and PCI DSS Certification are secured.

Notably, the year Jubiter spent building the exchange has paid off as they are already well-known.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet

Effective use and storage of your Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) are executed through the use of a secure Bitcoin wallet with a public address for transaction convenience. In the same vein as all aspects of cryptocurrency, a secure Bitcoin wallet is a software program. While Bitcoin itself consists of bits of data or open-source code, each coin is also secured with a private key which is a secret number known only to the owner.

Furthermore, with a Bitcoin wallet, you can send, receive, and store Bitcoins for convenient use--while using Jubiter's cold storage to protect Bitcoin that you are saving for future use. A secure Bitcoin wallet provides the user with ownership of the crypto balance and transactions of receiving and sending their cryptocurrency.

Currently, cryptocurrency wallets are available to own and use from your smartphone, desktop computer on the web, or on other platforms connected to the internet.

Why Secure Your Bitcoin Wallet

The most important and profitable decision you can make when opening a secure Bitcoin wallet is safeguarded security. Currently, cryptocurrency wallets are available to own and use from your smartphone as a mobile wallet, your desktop computer as a desktop wallet, your disk or USB storage as a hardware wallet, or on the web, using any platform connected to the internet as a portable web wallet.

The loss of your physical wallet containing fiat currency is a great word picture indicating the seriousness of your decision when choosing a cryptocurrency wallet. The following five tips on how to make sure your new Bitcoin wallet is secure will help you with that decision.

Since lifestyle is personal--your secure Bitcoin wallet choice will depend on convenience as well as extra security. It would be prudent, though--to get used to the extra steps it takes to have the top security for your funds.

Tips on how to Secure Your Bitcoin Wallet

  1. Enable two-factor authentication as the second layer of security after your username and password. Jubiter uses 2FA to provide you with an additional code to access your wallet.
  2. Rely onLogin Guard technology, used by Jubiter in order to protect and flag you immediately when there is unusual activity on your account.
  3. Using more than one wallet is also a way to keep your cryptocurrency safe. In addition, using a newly generated public key for each transaction will enable unique transactions on the blockchain.
  4. Store only small amounts of bitcoin on your wallet and choose Jubiter's cold storage option for your savings
  5. Back up your wallet after every use and keep your software updated. The best and most secure way is to use a flash drive or other external hard drive

Contact Jubiter and Get Started understands your need to reach support when a situation arises--and especially when you are a new user. As a result, they have provided two, convenient ways to reach them.

Their phone number in the United States is +1 855 979-6669; in the United Kingdom, it is +44 8000 488-449; and in Estonia, the phone number is +372 880 41-79. They can also be contacted on Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to Midnight EST for online support at For online business inquiries log on to

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