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How to Use a Bitcoin Mixer Without Being Tracked - Simple Rules for Beginners

Thu, 22/06/2023 - 8:20
How to Use a Bitcoin Mixer Without Being Tracked - Simple Rules for Beginners
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Anonymity is an important part of our lives. After all, the safety of the user on the Internet depends on this. Many people think that if they use Bitcoin, they are completely anonymous. However, in reality this is far from the case. We will explain how to use the Bitcoin mixer to remain anonymous and what mistakes are often made.


The essence of the Bitcoin mixer

Each token has its own identification. Therefore, it is possible to trace it from the first crypto address to the latest one, no matter how many wallets it has passed through. The token moves along a certain chain from one address to another.

Bitcoin mixer allows you to break this chain. It looks like this:

1. You send tokens to the mixer, specifying a different crypto address to receive.

2. It mixes with other tokens.

3. You get completely different coins to the second address.

As a result, the chain is broken. It becomes extremely difficult to track her down. At the same time, there are mixers that significantly complicate tracking due to additional functionality.

The difference between Bitcoin mixers

There are two types of Bitcoin mixers: the first generation and the second. Initially, the service was a mixing service. However, problems arose later:

1. The addresses of the crypto wallets of the service have not changed.

2. The commission was fixed.

3. It was impossible to defer payments.

As a result, according to public data recorded in the blockchain, it was easy to calculate. It was enough to use blockchain analytics. There are also programs that conduct demixing. As a result, they stopped giving results.

However, the second generation of the Bitcoin mixer service has emerged. These are improved platforms that eliminated absolutely all the shortcomings of the first generation. The developers have added the following functionality:

1. Postponement of the transaction. Thanks to this, you can hide the real time when the coins were transferred.

2. Receiving and sending tokens to different crypto addresses. Moreover, you can use several wallets at once.

3. Distribution of tokens for sending in parts. In this case, you can choose different times, wallets and amounts.

4. Carrying out random transactions. They will be sent to one or more crypto addresses within a certain period with random frequency.

5. User's choice of commission size. It is set as a percentage. However, it has a certain range within which you can choose its size.

Through the use of all these features, the user can completely hide his transaction.

How is the deanonymization of transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain?

There are two options for deanoning a user in the Bitcoin blockchain: by the user himself and with the help of special programs. The owner of the cryptocurrency, when conducting an operation, uses a variety of platforms through which he discloses his data.

For example, it uses a cryptocurrency exchange. All large and reliable sites require KYC verification. The bottom line is that the user is obliged to provide their personal data and confirm them with relevant documents. It fully reveals the personality.

Therefore, many use exchange services, in the hope that they are more anonymous. However, in reality, they often use personal email and a bank card to exchange from cryptocurrency to fiat. As a result, he deanonizes himself. He also forgets to use a VPN, revealing his real IP address. Getting this data by hacking the system is easy enough for an attacker.

However, even when conducting transactions within the blockchain, there is no complete anonymity. The blockchain stores all transaction data in a public database. With proper analytics, it is not difficult to calculate which wallet, from which IP address carried out operations. Moreover, there are already special programs that track this.

Finding out the IP address allows you to calculate the real location of the device. From this you can find out who is the owner of the property. The process is complex for the average user. However, for hackers and intruders with sufficient power, knowledge and experience, this is not a problem.

Instructions on how to use a reliable Bitcoin mixer while maintaining anonymity

We will provide specific steps that will allow you to fully remain anonymous on the Bitcoin blockchain:

1. Separate wallets for storage and transactions. The first one is better to choose in the form of a desktop version and install it on a virtual machine or a hardware wallet. The second can be done online, using only one-time.

2. Use a crypto mixer every time you make a transaction. Please change multiple addresses. So you completely break the chain.

3. Don't forget VPN and TOR browser. Together they give full encryption of the IP address, replacing it with completely different ones.

4. Use most of the functionality in the mixer: divide the amount into several transactions, send it to two or three wallets, specifying a random commission and choosing a deferment.

These methods will allow you to protect yourself from intruders and are not afraid that your PC will be hacked and the cryptocurrency from your wallet will be stolen.

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