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Fat Pig Signals Informs Its Members About Latest Changes on Crypto Market

Thu, 05/26/2022 - 12:38
Fat Pig Signals Informs Its Members About Latest Changes on Crypto Market
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After Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $68,800 on November 10, 2021, the euphoria was great. However, the six-digit Bitcoin price expected throughout the year never happened. Instead, a certain kind of disillusionment is spreading among many investors. Bitcoin literally lost value day by day. A certain correlation between the stock and crypto markets is still present today. Therefore, the current price drop does not only affect the crypto market. The stock market has also come under pressure. This is partly due to the fact that some central banks around the world are tightening the current loose monetary policy. These are definitely reasons why funds are flowing out of the riskier capital market.

After Bitcoin had set the then all-time high of around $64,000 in April 2021, BTC underwent a similar development and even fell below $30,000 in May and July in some cases.

That is now once again the limit that investors will be watching for. Many analysts and institutions had predicted a positive development for the year 2022. However, major Bitcoin proponents such as Microstrategy or El Salvador do not want to deviate from their strategy. It therefore remains exciting how the crypto market will develop in the short to medium term. Currently, there are more and more differences of opinion as to whether Bitcoin has now arrived in a bear market or it is just a short-term bearish phase. However, analysts, including Fat Pig Signals, are largely in agreement that after breaking through the 30,000 dollar mark to the downside, the bottom will probably be further down.

The members of Fat Pig Signals were notified by our last “Red Ball” signal for Bitcoin at roughly $42200, recommending an off-risk / bearish bias. Bitcoin is currently trading more than -30% since then.

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Furthermore Fat Pig Signals also offer a live stream of it at Twitch. Currently running the Algo for BTC, ADA and SP500. There you can check it in real time.

The projections sent out to the free telegram group from Fat Pig Signals also played out quite well, benefiting those who were aware. You can also check the latest updates for Bitcoin shared there.

The team of Fat Pig Signals strives to find the best investment opportunities and also help our members to preserve capital and avoid major losses.

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To predict fluctuations, you need to examine the past, which requires technical analysis and this fundamental analysis of what we are talking about in the whole crypto market. The regular market analysis involves using graphs and charts to look at the value of a coin over a specific period. To detect statistical trends for short-term trading Fat Pig Signals offers trading signals, projects reviews and recommendations and yield farming strategies. For long term investing Fat Pig Signals also shares Portfolio Building Strategies.


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