Ethereum Price Predicted to Climb in the Long Run as Buterin Explains Need for Higher Coin Values
Ethereum Price Predicted to Climb in the Long Run as Buterin Explains Need for Higher Coin Values

John McAfee Declares Skycoin ‘Today’s Winner’, Predicts Crypto Market Recovery

  • Alex Morris
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    Investors might consider keeping tabs of everything related to Skycoin since this could be the ticking bomb of 2019 (and it’s not because of McAfee)

John McAfee Declares Skycoin ‘Today’s Winner’, Predicts Crypto Market Recovery
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Skycoin (SKY), the 184th biggest currency by market capitalization, mainly appears in the headlines because of its ardent proponent John McAfee. Recently, the crypto baron took to Twitter in order to boast of Skycoin’s 45 percent spike.

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What’s behind the strange relationships?

From the technical point of view, Skycoin is a rather remarkable cryptocurrency since it employs the unique Obelisk consensus algorithm. Moreover, it adopts the CoinJoin protocol that mixes different transactions in order to make them private and untraceable. However, all these details pale in comparison to John McAfee’s endorsement that took place on Nov. 4 when he publicly announced the new partnership with the coin.  

Eventually, the McAfee shilling came to a head when the infamous crypto evangelist made a Skycoin tattoo in order to show his true devotion to the project. Not surprisingly, the Skycoin price shot through the roof after such a massive promo campaign.

No, it didn’t stop there: McAfee was supposedly fired by the Skycoin creator, but the 2020 presidential candidate got his job again after his boss failed to shoot a fish with a submachine gun.

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The winner of the green wave

According to McAfee, SKY is ‘today’s winner’ in the recovering crypto market after outperforming other altcoins. While calling his above-mentioned tattoo ‘prophetic’, he claims that all coins he supports end up on the winning side.

What’s the fuss around Skycoin?

The price of Skycoin is currently sitting at $1.26 with a market capitalization of over $13.9 mln. Since Nov. 4, the coin’s market cap tanked by 70 percent, which clearly shows that the whole McAfee turmoil had rather negative ramifications for the project.

Nevertheless, Skycoin still made it to U.Today’s recent list of top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019. Skycoin has a robust infrastructure with numerous unique features in the likes of Skywire and Skyminer. Hence, there is every reason to believe that investors will soon be paying heed to this project (with McAfee or not). 

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BTC Short Term Price Prediction: Majority of Experts Agree That Bitcoin Is About to Rise Again. Might They Be Wrong?

  • Vera Thornpike
    📈 Price Predictions

    Short-term Bitcoin price prediction: What should we expect from February 2019? Compare expert opinions vs unbiased technical analysis.

BTC Short Term Price Prediction: Majority of Experts Agree That Bitcoin Is About to Rise Again. Might They Be Wrong?
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When Bitcoin fell from almost $20,000 to $3,500 within a year, many investors had to rethink their blind optimism. They are now thinking more critically and check every price fluctuation to make the right steps.

Bitcoin was one of the bearish market’s victims, and now stays suspended within the range of $3,200 and $4,200. Will things change in the nearest time? Let’s see which BTC price predictions 2019 are offered by experts vs websites using technical analysis.

Most Crypto Experts are On the Bright Side...

The vast majority of crypto experts seem to share epidemic optimism: they don’t give up on Bitcoin and believe it is to overcome the $20,000 threshold this year.

Average number of positive Bitcoin predictions is $23K for one BTC
  1. Fundstrat's Sam Doctor and Tom Lee both agree that Bitcoin should rise to approximately $36,000 within 2019, with $20,000 as the minimal price, and $64,000 as the maximum.
  2. Ronnie Moas sets pretty much the same target for Bitcoin: he believes it will hit the $28,000 mark by the end of this year.

  3. Mike Novogratz, the founder of Galaxy Digital, is sure that Bitcoin will reach $10,000 within the first quarter of 2019 and should double further by December 2019.

  4. John McAfee sets a higher limit: judging by his previous forecast, Bitcoin should trade at around $170,000 this year!

If those predictions are right, Bitcoin should reach $4,500-$6,000 in February and continue strengthening its positions. But is it possible in the current market position? Some crypto enthusiasts doubt it.

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...Others Don’t See the Silver Lining

On the other hand, there must be some aspects to trigger the momentum of Bitcoin growth. Are there any? Some crypto pundits are sure that all cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin cannot escape the unrelenting grip of the bearish market.

  1. Anthony Pompliano, the founder of Morgan Creek, said that Bitcoin isn't going anywhere. It even might lower to $3,000. However, it doesn’t mean you should shy away from Bitcoin – it’s just the right time to invest while it’s cheap.

  2. Arthur Hayes, the CEO of crypto derivatives exchange BitMex, has the same thoughts. He claims Bitcoin will be under a bearish trend throughout 2019, and its price will fall to $3,000.

  3. Vinny Lingham, the CEO of the Civic startup, states Bitcoin will experience its worst times before becoming more stable. In the nearest time, BTC will nosedive to $3,000 or even lower to be reborn as a phoenix.

  4. The analysts from Saxo Bank give quite a contradictory prediction: they claim Bitcoin’s future is like a rollercoaster. Two of their analysts said, “Bitcoin will continue to rise – and rise high – during most of 2019 but Russia and China will together engineer a crash.” Indeed, new laws and governmental regulations can contribute to sudden failures.

Judging by the websites performing technical analysis, we are to witness further Bitcoin decline in February. Look at the analysis provided by previsionibitcoin.it:

Bitcoin continues suffering from bearish trends

But don’t let it discourage you! If Bitcoin falls further in February 2019, you will have a golden opportunity to buy BTC for cheap. Zhao Dong, one of the biggest Bitcoin OTC traders in China, said it’s the right time to invest in Bitcoin because you can yield 100 to 200% ROI over the next 3 years.

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