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DigitalBits (XDB) Blockchain Launches Mainnet 2.0 with Stablecoins and New Liquidity Program

Fri, 02/19/2021 - 20:16
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Vladislav Sopov
DigitalBits (XDB) blockchain announces the launch of its second iteration with “branded” stablecoins, e-sports integrations and upgraded liquidity rewards program
DigitalBits (XDB) Blockchain Launches Mainnet 2.0 with Stablecoins and New Liquidity Program
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XDB Foundation, a non-profit organization behind the development of DigitalBits (XDB) blockchain, has proudly released its mainnet 2.0 iteration. Meaningful updates have been implemented in terms of functionality, adoption, and ‘liquidity mining’ instruments.

What’s new in DigitalBits (XDB) 2.0?

According to the press release shared with U.Today, b2b-focused DigitalBits (XDB) blockchain has launched its second iteration. In terms of real-word adoption, its main novelty is the concept of branded stablecoins.

It represents the group of corporate digital currencies that merge the benefits of blockchain-based assets with the stability of modern fiat currencies. Branded stablecoins by DigitalBits can be easily integrated into decentralized applications and payment protocols.

For instance, DigitalBits (XDB) introduces Zytara U.S. Dollar (ZUSD), a branded stablecoin issued in partnership by Zytara and Prime Trust. Zytara is a digital banking platform for gamers, meaning that this stablecoins will address the needs of the rapidly growing e-sports segment. 

Lisa Loud, general manager of digital currency at Zytara, stressed that this milestone is part of a long-term cooperation between DigitalBits and Zytara:

We are excited to work with our partners to fulfill our vision of expanding the Zytara dollar onto the DigitalBits blockchain network, following the successful launch of ZUSD on Ethereum in 2020

In terms of its infrastructure, DigitalBits introduces new mainnet iteration with updated documentation,  tokenomic specifications, new manuals and tutorials.

Uniswap (UNI) liquidity rewards program has been revamped 

To celebrate the accomplishment of a number of ambitious milestones, XDB foundation decided to expand its liquidity rewards program on Uniswap (UNI), the leading Ethereum-based DEX.

The new liquidity rewards program will include the activation of the XDB-ZUSD trading pair for the benefit of all XDB holders. 

According to Michael Gord, managing director of the XDB Foundation, the new iteration is designed to welcome newbies to the DigitalBits (XDB) ecosystem:

We look forward to both new and existing ecosystem participants beginning to engage with Mainnet 2.0 and its associated applications

After the activation of the mainnet 2.0 upgrade, DigitalBits (XDB) nodes will be operated by the same infrastructure partner, Stably, through its “stablecoin-as-a-service” tools.

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