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Coinlocally Crypto Service Introduces New Features, Releases NFT Marketplace: Review

Mon, 07/04/2022 - 13:28
Coinlocally Crypto Service Introduces New Features, Releases NFT Marketplace: Review
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Since its launch in Q1, 2022, Coinlocally platform has been focused on pushing the barriers of cryptocurrency adoption among newbies and no-coiners. This next-gen crypto exchange service addresses this goal with its intuitive UX/UI and feature-rich toolkit.

Image by Coinlocally

In June 2022, Coinlocally inches closer to its most significant update in months that is poised to unlock new opportunities for traders of all types. Also, in the coming days, crypto enthusiasts will be able to access Coinlocally NFT marketplace to mint, buy and sell their NFTs.

Coinlocally updates at a glance: New features and NFT marketplace

In early Q3, 2022, Coinlocally platform rolls out its largest update so far. The platform is going to upgrade its web interface and mobile application; the Coinlocally NFT marketplace release is in the cards.

So, what’s new in Coinlocally?

  • Spot trading instruments are added to mobile applications and web interface;
  • Futures trading module is activated in applications;
  • Saving dashboards are available in mobile applications and web interface;
  • NFT marketplace goes live in July,  2022.
  • Coinlocally Coin (CLYC) Q4 of 2022.

Once this update is activated, Coinlocally is set to become a leader in the segment of newbie-friendly cryptocurrency trading and saving ecosystems.

Coinlocally launches its NFT Marketplace on July, 2022

To become a part of an ongoing NFT revolution, Coinlocally releases its own platform for digital collectibles’ experiences, Coinlocally’s NFT Marketplace. It is set to be launched in mainnet in July, 2022.

Coinlocally NFT marketplace will be fully centralized: all its operations will be verified on-chain to ensure fair and inclusive participation from all teams regardless to their missions and budgets. 

The marketplace will be focused on minting, storage and trading NFTs by top-notch digital content creators globally. As such, Coinlocally’s NFT Marketplace will allow its clients to access premium and exclusive NFT collections by renowned artists. The Marketplace will facilitate the whole cycle of NFT economics: its customers will be able to create and operate their tokens seamlessly without leaving the platform.

The launch of this marketplace is a huge milestone for Coinlocally, its global community and entire Web3 ecosystem as a whole. To celebrate this massive accomplishment, Coinlocally is going to launch a massive promo campaign for early birds of its NFT marketplace.

During July, 2022, all operations on Coinlocally’s NFT marketplace will be charged with zero fees. This promo campaign is designed to introduce Coinlocally’s instruments to a wide audience of cryptocurrencies in different regions of the world. Minting and selling NFTs has never been so resource-efficient before.

Coinlocally adds new features to web interface and mobile application

From Q3, 2022, new and existing clients of Coinlocally will be able to advance their trading and staking experience with novel functions added by the team.

First and foremost, spot cryptocurrency trading instruments are now activated in both mobile applications for Android- and iOS-based smartphones and laptops. That said, traders will be able to trade their beloved assets on the go and from home, office and so on.

Spot trading on Coinlocally is available through intuitive and feature-rich interfaces. Thus, Coinloally’s spot trading module looks attractive for both crypto newbies and professional digital assets traders.

Image by Coinlocally

Then, the Coinlocally team added a futures trading module to mobile applications. In the Coinlocally Futures section, traders can earn from price fluctuations in either direction with attractive leverage. This opportunity is risky; however, amid increased cryptocurrency market volatility, it allows traders to boost their profits. Also, on bear markets, traders can additionally benefit from trading short positions.

For cryptocurrency newbies, Coinlocally Futures trading module can be the first experience of trading with leverage. In the Futures section, contracts on Bitcoin (BTC) are available alongside all mainstream altcoins - Ether (ETH), XRP, Litecoin (LTC), Polygon (MATIC), etc. - and U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT) stablecoins.

Last but not least, a cryptocurrency savings module is added to both the web interface and the two mobile applications of Coinlocally. Unlike the majority of saving and staking dashboards, Coinlocally’s dashboard offers seamless and newbie-friendly passive income instruments to cryptocurrency holders.

Coinlocally savings module offers flexible lending programs with high APYs. Coinlocally users can seamlessly transfer their tokens to savings accounts with zero extra commissions. As in the spot and futures trading modules, Coinlocally savings accounts work with Bitcoin (BTC), the most capitalized stablecoin, U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT), and a wide range of major altcoins.

To make the Coinlocally experience more attractive and rewarding, the platform introduces its NFT Marketplace and first native token, Coinlocally Coin (CLYC).

Coinlocally introduces one-stop utility token for its instruments: What is CLYC?

Coinlocally is going to release its pioneering asset, Coinlocally Coin (CLYC), on July 1, 2022. The token is set to be unveiled through the initial coin offering (ICO) campaign, the oldest token sale method in Web3.

In total, the protocol team will issue 1,000,000,000 CLYC tokens. This supply is final and will not be increased under any circumstances. CLYC token will be issued as a BEP-20 token on BNB Chain, a programmatic blockchain by world-leading crypto exchange Binance (BNB).

To ensure fair, democratic and inclusive participation, Coinlocally sets one price for all participants of the upcoming ICO. One Binance Coin (BNB) will be equal to 55,000 CLYC tokens; as such, 1 CLYC will be worth about $0.004. CLYC tokens will be available on Coinlocally’s main website.

CLYC tokens will be integrated into various Coinlocally services. To start with, since Q3, 2022, CLYC tokens will be accepted into the platform’s staking module alongside a few other tokens.

Image by Coinlocally

In Q1, 2023, CLYC token will be moved to a self-hosted blockchain with smart contracts support. CLYC will also be integrated into Coinlocally trading instruments together with Bitcoin, Ethereum, U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT) and so on. Since Q2-Q3, 2023, CLYC tokens will be integrated into futures and margin sections of the Coinlocally trading toolkit.

In Q4, 2023, CLYC tokens will be integrated into Coinlocally’s decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX). Also, in 2023, CLYC tokens will be added to Coinlocally’s Peer-to-Peer (P2P) market and one-click Coinlocally Convert instrument. Coinlocally Convert will be the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency suitable for traders with basic expertise in crypto and blockchain.

Introducing Coinlocally, an endpoint to crypto trading for newbies and pros

With this update, Coinlocally evolves into a go-to ecosystem for cryptocurrency spot and futures trading, saving, exchange and staking.

Trading and savings

Coinlocally’s trading dashboard looks like that of a Tier 1 crypto exchange. It demonstrates real-time price charts, an orderbook, order history and a module for the on-click placement of market and limit orders.

In a spot trading module, over 100 assets are available, including the likes of crypto heavyweights Bitcoin and Ethereum, novel DeFi coins AAVE and 1INCH, leading PoS cryptocurrencies Cardano (ADA) and Polygon (MATIC), top-notch USD-pegged stablecoins USDT, USDC, TUSD, GUSD and so on. Also, Coinlocally accepts leading fiat currencies like USD, EUR, TRY, IDRT and GBP.

In the savings module, crypto holders can lock their assets for a predetermined period to receive periodic payouts on their dormant crypto riches.

Referrals and affiliate program

To allow its users to monetize their social media influence, Coinlocally launched a multi-level referral program. For every referral invited, users of Coinlocally can get up to 40% of their aggregated trading commissions. Also, every trader joining Coinlocally through the referral program can also use the platform with double-digit discounts on trading fees.

Also, for traders with a large audience on social networks (5,000+ followers for social media accounts or 500+ members for the trading community), Coinlocally introduced an attractive and rewarding Affiliate Program. Affiliate Program leaders can get up to 40% from trading fees raised from invited users.

Airdrops and trading tournament

Coinlocally infrastructure can be used for airdrops and trading tournaments. For instance, in Q1, 2022, Coinlocally organized a COTI airdrop for Binance (BNB) users. A total of 114 million COTI tokens were distributed between the participants of this airdrop.

Also, the Coinlocally community participates in Binance’s trading tournaments. It onboards traders with 500+ USDT in trading volume in 2022. The best traders get extra rewards from the Coinlocally platform (up to 500 Binance USD [BUSD] stablecoins).

Bottom line

Coinlocally, a multi-product newbie-friendly cryptocurrency ecosystem, undergoes a major upgrade: it includes the launch of spot and futures trading in applications and web interfaces.

Also, its team inches closer to the ICO of its first native asset, Coinlocally Coin (CLYC). The token sale kicks off on July 1, 2022, on the official website of Coinlocally.