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BobaBNB Network Surpassed 45,000 Wallets in April with 2.8 Million Transactions Processed

Wed, 05/10/2023 - 18:29
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Vladislav Sopov
BobaBNB, first-ever L2 scaler on BNB Chain, accomplishes two major milestones in April 2023
BobaBNB Network Surpassed 45,000 Wallets in April with 2.8 Million Transactions Processed
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Being a part of the first-ever multi-chain second-layer scaling solution, BobaBNB demonstrates impressive growth metrics and scores crucial technical and marketing partnerships in April 2023.

BobaBNB surpasses the 45,000 on-chain wallets milestone, processes over 100,000 transactions daily

According to the official announcement shared by Boba Network, a Web3 team that scales EVM-compatible blockchains, its solution for BNB Chain, dubbed BobaBNB, smashed through a number of milestones in April 2023. First, its on-chain wallet count exceeded 45,000 addresses.

Also, in April, it processed a record-breaking number of 2,863,240 transactions, up from 585,818 in March and 99,362 in February. As such, in two months, this metric demonstrated an over 28x increase.

As of early May 2023, BobaBNB is processing over 100,000 transactions every 24 hours. With all these upsurges, the network is among the fastest-growing cryptocurrency protocols.

Zoe Wei, head of marketing and DevRel at BNB Chain, stresses the importance of BobaBNB developments for the overall progress of the BNB Chain ecosystem and all of its dApps:

We are glad to see the growing adoption of BobaBNB with these remarkable transaction volumes. As an advanced layer-2 scaling solution on BNB Chain, Boba Network aims to accelerate the development of dApps and games, and we are excited to see what the future holds for this ecosystem.

In addition, BobaBNB is arguably the first commercially significant implementation of L2 scaling techniques outside Ethereum (ETH).

BobaBNB users can save up to 80% on network fees

Using BobaBNB allows cryptocurrency services to make Web3 development more resource efficient. Namely, with BobaBNB, users can save up to 80% on transactional fees. That makes the DeFi experience almost free.

Boba Network (BOBA) Sees Its Transaction Count Increase by Almost 10,000% Since January

As covered by U.Today previously, Boba Network (BOBA) witnessed impressive spikes of all of its metrics across Q1, 2023. Also, it scored partnerships with ROVI Network and MegaWorld blockchain-centric GameFi.

Boba Network is supercharged by Hybrid Compute technology that fuels crypto apps with Web2-native levels of speed and performance without sacrificing decentralization and accessibility.

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