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Bitcoin (BTC) Faces Issues at $70,000, Solana (SOL) to Hit New Yearly High, Major XRP Problem Occurs

Sat, 9/03/2024 - 0:30
Bitcoin (BTC) Faces Issues at $70,000, Solana (SOL) to Hit New Yearly High, Major XRP Problem Occurs
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Bitcoin has recently faced significant resistance at the $70,000 mark, a psychological threshold that has proven to be a formidable barrier for the digital asset. Despite the enthusiasm surrounding its previous rallies, Bitcoin is currently exhibiting signs of a correction, which could impede its ability to achieve a rapid breakthrough above this level.

A detailed analysis of the TradingView chart reveals that Bitcoin has encountered a consolidation phase after a steep ascent. The current local support is found near the $57,932 level, aligning with the 50-day moving average, a crucial technical level that often acts as a stronghold for the asset's price. This area may serve as a foundation for BTC if bearish pressure increases.

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BTC/USD Chart by TradingView

Conversely, resistance is firmly established at the $70,000 level. This is not just a numerical ceiling but a psychological one, where sell orders tend to cluster as investors aim to capitalize on round-number milestones. 

If the correction deepens, Bitcoin may seek support at lower levels, with the next substantial support zone around the $50,117 mark, which is also near the 100-day moving average.

Market sentiment is mixed, reflecting the uncertainty of Bitcoin's immediate path. While long-term confidence in Bitcoin remains high due to its established track record and increasing mainstream adoption, the short-term outlook is clouded by current market conditions and the $70,000 resistance level.

Solana rises

As the crypto market continues its dynamic course, Solana (SOL) emerges as a robust contender, gearing up to potentially set a new yearly high. With investors and traders eyeing SOL's chart for signs of its next big move, the digital asset does not disappoint, showcasing strong bullish signals in its recent price action.


The SOL/USDT pair, as observed on the TradingView chart, is currently experiencing a commendable uptrend. The local support is firmly established around the $120.13 mark, a level that SOL has tested and bounced off recently, reaffirming its role as a reliable foothold for the asset. The next critical support lies near the $110 region, aligning with the 50-day moving average, serving as a secondary defense should any bearish shift occur.

On the resistance spectrum, SOL faces its immediate challenge near the $155 zone. A convincing break above this level could very well propel Solana to carve out new highs for the year, fueling bullish sentiment across the market. The current price structure, characterized by successive higher highs and higher lows, underscores the possibility of such a breakout

XRP faces hurdle

XRP is currently facing a significant technical challenge on the charts, as a concerning pattern emerges that could signal potential headwinds for the cryptocurrency. 

The recent price action of XRP/USDT indicates a struggle to maintain its upward momentum. After reaching a peak, the asset has begun to set successively lower highs — a technical pattern that can dampen bullish sentiment and may lead to a trend reversal. This development is pivotal because lower highs are frequently associated with diminishing buying pressure and the beginning of a downturn.


Current technical analysis places XRP's local support at the $0.55 mark, which is in proximity to the 50-day moving average, a critical juncture for the asset to hold to avert a bearish outlook. Should XRP fall below this support level, the door could open for further declines, with the next level of substantial support near $0.50, a psychological and technical support level.

Conversely, resistance levels have formed near the recent high around $0.63, where XRP has faced rejection, reinforcing the bearish pattern of lower highs. For XRP to invalidate this troubling trend, it would need to break through this resistance with conviction and sustained volume, a move that would require significant market buy-in.

The formation of lower highs is a troubling signal for XRP, often indicating that sellers are becoming more aggressive and buyers are unable to push the price to new highs.


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