Belgium-Based Investment Firm Acquires Bitstamp

  • Alex Morris
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    Bitstamp CEO claims that they decided to seal the deal with NXMH since they will be able to retain their ownership stake and keep controlling the exchange

Belgium-Based Investment Firm Acquires Bitstamp

Reuters has just revealed that the investment firm NXMH, which is based in Brussels, had bought a Luxembourg-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp. Last Thursday, they sealed the deal which presupposes that Nejc Kodrič, CEO of the exchange, will preserve a 10 percent stake in his now-acquired company, further presiding over the startup’s operations. A crypto hedge fund giant Pantera Capital will also keep its six-percent share.

According to Kodrič, the ability to retain the status quo was the main reason behind teaming up with NXMH. Bitstamp had four interested bidders in total.   

The $2 bln fund manager also owns the South Korean exchange Korbit, but there will no cooperation with Bitstamp, the report reveals.

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