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Aptos (APT) Team Indicates Eight Innovations That Make It Special

Thu, 12/15/2022 - 13:30
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Vladislav Sopov
After overhyped launch, 'Solana killer' Aptos (APT) is going to change game in Web3, here's how
Aptos (APT) Team Indicates Eight Innovations That Make It Special
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Novel Layer 1 blockchain Aptos, developed by former Meta blockchain venture key figureheads, employs a couple of tech innovations that make it particularly attractive for developers, the team claims.

Why Aptos? Eight answers by team

Yesterday, on Dec. 14, 2022, Aptos (APT) representatives shared a thread to demonstrate eight innovations that make this new blockchain look outstanding amid existing L1s. In general, Aptos' (APT) list of killing features includes its programming language, parallel smart contracts execution system, advanced on-chain governance design, cutting-edge BFT protocol, enhanced security safeguards, modular architecture and new-gen Merkle tree mechanism.

First, Aptos' (APT) language, Move, is well known for its developer-friendliness. Together with Aptos framework, it removes compexity and streamlines the process of application development. Block-STM, a next-gen parallel execution engine for smart contracts, unlocks unmatched scaling opportunities for devs.

Aptos' (APT) built-in governance module guarantees seamless network and VM configuration changes: all of its elements were stress tested in Aptos' Incentivized Testnet #3 and mainnet operations.

Then, a brand-new AptosBFTv4 consensus protocol reduces the commit latency from three to two steps, making the transactions verification process faster and more resource-efficient.

Decentralization, scalability, upgradeability

In terms of users' privacy and security, Aptos (APT) blockchain adheres to flexible key management instruments. Basically, it allows users of APT noncustodial solutions to be protected from sophisticated attacks.

Aptos' (APT) archtecture is modular: every element here is created with upgradeability and flexibility in focus. Aptos (APT) network can activate numerous upgrades in a frictionless manner.

Its rewards design for nodes operators employs a proposal-based system to make payouts distribution more fair and inclusive.

Aptos (APT) founder Mohammad Shaikh is excited by this toolkit of his product and is certain of its disruptive role for the cryptocurrency world:

The next generation of Web3 is cooking up.

As covered by U.Today previously, the new project was unveiled in mid-October. Backed by massive VC support, Aptos' (APT) launch was among the most anticipated events of Q4, 2022, in crypto.

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